Do violent video games encourage violence (yes) or help let it out (no)?

  • Yes video games are a bad influence.

    Video games promote violence just as much as historic war films will promote war between people. Because whether viewing a film or playing a game there are information being absorbed indirectly much like subliminal advertising. When children see animals mating on the Discovery channel they will be influenced by that information indirectly and growing up to be more attracted to mating. Same thing with engaging in activities that involves hitting something, such as baseball or softball. Why do you think domestic violence rates are so high? Because children are trained to use a bat to hit and throw things when they are young and that is indirectly influencing them, so as they get older they find it natural to be throwing and hitting things to express their emotions. People are absorbing information all the time whether they want to or not. It is crucial that parents control what their kids come in contact with to prevent future issues.

  • Violent video games encourage violence.

    Children who play violent video games are more likey to be violent in real life. It makes sense that a game that glorifies and rewards violence will teach people who play it to be violent. In order to keep our schools safe, we should not allow children to play these games.

  • Violent video games DO encourage violence!!

    The whole goal of games like Call of Duty is to kill people. If you kill people you get points and sometimes you even get prizes and achievements. I think violent video games make people violent because they reward you for killing people. Some people do not become violent because of games like Call of Duty but many do.

  • Violence isn't bad

    Without games like these we would be restricting children and how they grow up, they aren't being desensitized because of these game. It merely is showing them that violence is a thing and you might as well get used to it. Violence isn't a product of games. It's a person's choice to do these things and game companies make these video games keeping in mind that the player should be able to make the choice and realize that they shouldn't copy these actions.

  • They help kids

    Video games are fun when they are violent and more little kids should play them. I think that most parents nowadays have gotten over-protective of their kids. Violence has always been around and has teaches kids what's actually out there and it can help prepare them for our cruel, beautiful world.

  • It does not encourage violence.

    I'm saying this because violence helps make video games make sense. Call of Duty is all about war, and war is a violent matter. I've only found games that encourage violence in excruciating ways like Mortal Kombat, which I don't even know who thinks it's a good idea to even make the game.

  • Here we go.

    "Finding that a young man who committed a violent crime also played a popular video game, such as Call of Duty, Halo, or Grand Theft Auto, is as pointless as pointing out that the criminal also wore socks"
    "Annual trends in video game sales for the past 33 years were unrelated to violent crime both concurrently and up to four years later. Unexpectedly, monthly sales of video games were related to concurrent decreases in aggravated assaults and were unrelated to homicides. Searches for violent video game walkthroughs and guides were also related to decreases in aggravated assaults and homicides two months later. Finally, homicides tended to decrease in the months following the release of popular M-rated violent video games."

    Actual Study! Boom.

  • Violence does NOT arise in functional adolescents and adults due to video games

    It's absurd to believe that kids will learn associate rewards for violence in a video game with real life. Even young children are able to comprehend the fact that they aren't going to get "points" for violence in the real world and that the act of murder is the height of moral dysfunction. To be fair, yes, some individuals may be compelled towards violence because of or due in part to a video game but this highlights a severe degree of mental illness and would be a sign of heavy underlying problems in the person's life.
    Much in the same way most can have a few beers every week and not be alcoholic, most can play violent games and not be driven to violence. Some people are unable to control themselves when they are exposed to/are consuming content that is satisfying or pleasure/reward inducing and may then abuse it, generating feelings or a compulsion that'd never be present in a normal person performing the same activity.
    I would also like to point out that I believe the "video games help with venting and prevent violence" argument is BS and that most intensely violent games just exaggerate any existing rage flowing in me.
    One point people always overlook when discussing this is the fact that most modern shooter games do not give players the impression that they are HARMING other people. I mean, a soldier shoots a soldier and they respawn. There is no real WEIGHT behind all of it, kinda like a mutual target practice between players (an exception to this rule would be a game like DayZ. DayZ gives players ultimate freedom and a vast array of tools including handcuffs and the ability to damage parts of other player's bodies selectively (breaking their legs so they can't move, holding them hostage, etc.) and players lose EVERYTHING upon death (and are unable to respawn until they are truly dead, and thus have to endure it all until their aggressor decides to finally kill them. Games like DayZ attract a LOT of creeps and a wide array of highly insecure people and I believe these games should be monitored more closely than standard FPS games).

  • I helps to vent

    It allows you to relieve stress or violent aggression in a non-hurtful way. It is an alternative to destroying the one you dislike or destroying something. It also allows you to not have to go outside in the case it is a bad or stormy day. It also doesn't promote violence in the general population. Though it does cause violence in a select few.

  • It All Depends on The person Themself

    I believe that violent video games don't make people or teens violent themselves. It all depends and varies on the person playing the game and make the decisions they make. It also includes people growing up in their household. Parents that don't raise their children the right way may become a violent person from the decisions they make. For instance, if a child sees their parents arguing, they may grow up around that and feel like that is the way they are suppose to grow up. Some kids that weren't taught to grow up the right way may not understand the good and bad compared to the other people that were raised in a strong great household. As for the teens that do create crimes, their is something that they can't coop with and need help finding different ways to solve their problems.

  • They do NOT!

    I believe that the games are meant for MATURE audiences. If you're a little kid, or "mentally challenged" , they tend to be persuaded more easily. A small amount of teenagers or mentally challenged have committed murder with background of video games.. Many adults(that aren't completely bonkers) play a ton of video games and it shows no effect, same applies to teens although they tend to have more anger issues... So all in all, they don't affect normal teens or adults.. If anything, maybe they should require you to take a class and receive some sort of license to weed out the mentally immature.

  • It's a way to vent.

    The problem isn't video games. Its that fact that people don't realize what is reality and what is not. Violent video games don't cause violence. Violence has been around way before any sort of video game. If we are blaming video games, we also need to point that dirty finger at the bible which has cause more deaths than anything.

  • Because the violence is let out from your system

    If video games created violence then what game was Hitler playing? Mortal Combat? Call Of Duty? Halo? Grand Theft Auto? Was he just playing the most violent video game in the world? If that counts why not take away all the game systems? Huh? Did the Egyptian Pharos Play Black Ops?

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