Do violent video games have a negative effect?

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  • Heavy Video Gaming Is A Hurt Locker

    The line between over stressed and over stimulated is very fuzzy. Many who is exposed to a steady bombardment or total immersion of the senses, visually, emotionally, audibly becomes numbed, desensitized to daily life. Just as many soldiers returning from years in the battle filed have great difficulty re-acclimating to civilian life. For the soldier returning for the 3rd and 4th tour, aside from the altruistic motivation, the strong desire to return to an environ where endorphin levels is kept high because of the emotional, visual, and audible barrage of the battle field plays a decisive factor in the decision making; subconsciously. The Movie 'Hurt Locker' offers some insight into this conundrum. Heavy video gaming has a similar effect upon the life of a video gaming junkie.

  • It does have negative impacts

    What about the innocent little children? They will be questioning why do we kill, punch people in the game? What if the game becomes role model to them? Video games does not show real life consequence, what if they think that it's okay to kill someone or to hurt someone? I don't think that thats okay.

  • Some video games are extremely violent

    You know Mozart, right? He may have had talent, but he would not have been that famous if his dad had not taught him the world of music bit by bit the moment he could put his hands on the piano.
    That's why I think kids who are introduced to violent video games will be more likely to be aggressive when they are older.

  • Society and video games

    Yes they do because so many people are suiciudal and then they go on about how killing is okay. A guy that sits next to me like to pretend to kill the teacher because all he plays is Grand Theft Auto. It's just affecting society because in black ops they have zombies. Some many kids think zombies are real because they play black ops

  • Violent video games have a negative effect.

    Violent video games can lead people to act violently in real life. Studies have shown that playing violent video games can cause people to loose touch with reality and have violent fantasies. Video games do not show the real life consequences of violent acts, and they encourage people to be violent to solve problems.

  • Anything can have negative effects

    I don't think violent video game have wide spread negative effects. Every time for the last 15 years a Grand Theft Auto game comes out, a group says it's going to incite a new generation to become killing machines. It just hasn't happened. But, as with anything, they definitely can and have had negative effects on certain individuals that may have already been predisposed to negative activity.

  • Most certainly, yes.

    I think that video games can definitely impact players in a negative way. They can make you think violently, just because you have seen something very violent on screen. They have a negative effect on people, but especially younger players. Younger people don't have a firm knowledge and they can be heavily influenced by these violent games.

  • While I don't hold video games entirely responsible

    It's hard to overlook the fact that some of the worst mass shootings, from columbine to sandy hook had as a common factor, shooters who'd spent hours every day in a simulated fantasy death world like call of duty and similar games. These are games where the user gets a point for every life taken and similar to the seratonin high an athlete gets from scoring a goal, the objective remains similar.

    Now, I am a strong proponent of the first amendment so I have no issues with such violence in gaming. What I will say however , especially in this climate where politicians and other less intelligent life forms seek to blame our second amendment for the recent carnage, I think it bears a serious study, multiple studies to account for why an albeit small portion of the population sees fit to commit mass carnage- to deny the possible link to gaming is foolish and amazingly short sighted.

  • No They Don't

    Ferguson and Olson's findings do not support the popular belief that violent video games increase aggression in youth who have a predisposition to mental health problems. The researchers found no association between the playing of violent video games and subsequent increased delinquent criminality or bullying in children with either clinically elevated depressive or attention deficit symptoms. Their findings are in line with those of a recent Secret Service report in which the occurrence of more general forms of youth violence were linked with aggressiveness and stress rather than with video game violence.

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  • They know what they do

    Violent videos games can’t really affect their life. They know what they play it’s not true. Their nature is based on their choices, if they become bad it’s their choices because they have the right to choose what they want to do.People can make a difference between virtual and reality. They can make later their choices to make bad or good things on other people

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  • Video game don't transform someone into a psychopath or a violent person.

    I play video games since I'm seven. My brother and I played Small Soldier or Tekken when we we're seven and eight. I'm twenty now and I don't think I'm violent, I play games like GTA or Halo or Assassin's Creed and I never beat or hit someone and I've never thought of attacking someone, stab him in the back or things like that. My brother the same. And I'm getting really tired of those accusation about video games, actually I think TV show like Hannibal or Games of thrones are far more violent then GTA. You play a role on video games. TV show show us a vision more realistic of violence, then a video game.

  • Violent video games can actually have a positive effect

    Everyone is ready to hate on the blood, but have any of you considered that all that violence might have a positive effect? I am a very aggressive person. I used to pick fights with everyone all the time. I still am a very aggressive person, but now, I play violent video games. It helps me control my aggressive urges in real life if I get to shoot the hell out of virtual things/demons/monsters/people. I am now much more relaxed and able to socialize more easily.

  • Violent video games do not have a negative effect.

    Violent video games do not have a negative effect. This is because of the fact that violent video games are more beneficial than anything. Violent video games provide an outlet for primal violent needs and wants. Without violent video games, many people would not have an outlet for their frustration.

  • No they don't.

    I do not think that violent video games have a measurable negative effect. I think that people who are affected by them would already have that tendency. These types of people would be affected by violent TV programs, music or almost anything. These people should seek help for there anger and violence issues.

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cpayagen13 says2013-11-17T13:54:47.890
I'm not going to vote simply because correlation does not equal causation in many cases. I don't think violent video games have a positive effect as much as it does a negative effect. You can argue that video games are an emotional release (aka Catharsis) for people who play games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, etc. But you can also argue that video games cause arguments between those living in a fantasy world and those living in reality. Correlation does not equal causation in this case.