Do violent video games have negative effects?

Asked by: Get_Freshh
  • Yes, And I have evidence ;D

    I've played video games since I was 4. I LOVE video games, And I still do. But, I also struggle with depression, Anxiety, And anger issues. I'm not actually sure If the violent video games are the cause, Although it might. I have never been in a physical fight. That doesn't mean I don't have anger issues though! So, All in all, Violent video games do have to do with these issues.

  • Never and never will

    Blaming something else its just simple easier than blaming the people that are the issue Parents. You can tell the difference between real life and a video game. I been playing video games at young age and i never done anything wrong.Why must we try to blame someone else for our issues

  • Grow up guys

    Ok seriously there has never been a proven link to this. You would also have to be pretty effed up in the first place to kill just cause you did it in a game. This argument has been going on for years and well guys I've been playing violent killing games since I was 3 and I never even fight people so yeah.

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