Do violent video games increase the interpersonal violence among children and adolescents ?

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  • Violent video games do in fact increase the interpersonal violence among children and adolescents.

    As a child , one is adapted to what they see and learn from their immidiate environment. Their brains act like a sponge absorbing information presented in front of them. Therefore, the use of violent video games help influence and mold that child. Although it is not the fault of the child as it is that of the one that gifted it to them

  • Children become violent in effect of video games.

    This question is loaded in the sense that it does not address the underlying problem in video games which causes children to exhibit more violent behaviors. The video games themselves do not directly heighten the aggression, but it does play a contributing factor. What violence in video games does is create an environment where children are allowed to become desensitized to animated violence and "hot words" such as death, murder, mutilation, etc. In effect of becoming desensitized, the children progress with a weakened moral sense and greater acceptance to such violent behaviors.

  • I strongly believe Video games involved in generating interpersonal violent among all human age.

    I couldn't tell that video games makes user violently 100% but i saw many evidence and cases of crime which got motivation from games.
    I am not denying existence of nature of violence before video game era.
    As i told you there are something provoke more violence caused by video games.

  • Yes, violence in video games does affect us.

    I am a huge video game player. Ever since I was 4 years old I've had some form of a video game in my hands. As I child I played Mortal Kombat and other violent games cause they were cool to me. I thought they were so cool that at one point I tried learning the moves so I could fight just like they did. I ended up in a fight with my older brother and broke his nose because I tried jump kicking him in the face. I attempted this move because I saw it on a video game. Now a days video games have become more violent and now include guns, gangs, drugs, ext. Games such as GTA (Grand Theft Auto) include stripers, drugs, killing, hi-jacking and more. This is all portrayed as cool and awesome. Parents buy these games for there kids and there kids learn from these games instead of learning what is morally correct and acceptable. Video games have become a gate way to violence. Sales of violent video games, such as rated M games, should be stricture. Just like the sale of cigarettes and alcohol, rated M video games should not be bought or sold to anyone with the intent to give to a person under the age of 17.

  • Yes I'd say so

    My opinion is that what you watch, read, listen to and who you hang around with is what you become
    The things that we do like this goes into our brain, and the more of the junk that goes in, obviously our head is filled with it more, increasing the chances of imitation of these things without even meaning to

  • Yes I'd say so

    My opinion is that what you watch, read, listen to and who you hang around with is what you become
    The things that we do like this goes into our brain, and the more of the junk that goes in, obviously our head is filled with it more, increasing the chances of imitation of these things without even meaning to

  • Video games affect everyone.

    Regardless of age, violent video games can make you a more violent person. It can depend on the degree of violence, the time you spend playing this game or on your psychology (if you're more of a gentle person or more of a violent one, naturally). This can affect kids and teens more as they have less experience of the world. Besides the violence, video games can include the use of drugs, sex, alcohol,... And that's just as influencing as violence. Nowadays a lot of parents don't even care about what games children play (I don't know if it's because they're ignorant or just don't "understand" the world of video games), and will let their child play extremely violent games! It's like they created the age limit on games for nothing! I don't think video games should be controlled like drugs or alcohol but it should be a least supervised, and parents should learn how to make the difference between a game that says 3+ and a game that says M.

  • Kids are always violent regardless,

    Even before video games existed, kills would still be violent. Also it's not just violent games that 'affect' kids it's any game in particular, it's a natural thing to do the "monkey see, monkey do" I play Runescape and I pretend to the turmoil emote because it looks badass? I once played a good amount of violent games, but I'm still the nicest kid in the block, I don't like violence. It's all just an excuse for games to stop being made.

  • KIds aren't effected by video games

    If kids are affected by video games, then wouldn't we have a bunch of people running from ghosts listening to repetitive music and eating balls in a dark room? (pac man) Kids are insane and violent anyway, video games don't change that. That is like saying watching keeping up with the kardashians is making women become porn stars to get rich.

  • Violent existed long before video games among kids and adolescents.

    I think there are many cases of violence among kids and adolescents in pre video game era. There are many children home in pre video game era which proves beyond reasonable doubt that violence existed among kids and adolescents long before the idea of video game is conceived.

    There is a researcher called victor strasburger who think that violent video game increases violence among kids and adolescents. I really doubt his findings.

  • No, they actually give them a more open mind

    With the fact that there are many different characters in a [violent] video game, children can choose characters with different skin colour. It promotes an open mind towards different countries. The games are also a 3D world on a 2D screen. This helps children visualize 2D objects as 3D. It is an essential maths skill that all of us needs.
    The fact that the games are violent means that the children playing it will KNOW that it is wrong to be violent. Studies have shown that kids who play violent video games in comparison to those who don't are LESS violent. (Those who do not play that kind of game has less knowledge of what violence really is)

  • It's about competition between forms of media

    All of the stories about violent video games causing violence are usually started by a news network of some kind. This is because the media is at war with itself. Some forms of media see video games as a competitor and will do their best to discredit them and lessen their popularity. You don't see the news stations calling TV shows or movies out on causing violence, do you? However, there is probably just as much violence on television as in video games.
    I started playing Call of Duty when I was about 5 and I've been playing all kinds of violent games since, and I've never been in a fight at school or felt the urge to attack someone. All of my friends play video games, and none of us have committed any murders yet. This may be anecdotal evidence, but I still haven't seen any reliable evidence that video games cause violence.

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