Do violent video games influence children's behavioural problems?

Asked by: amyhon27
  • Many video games are violent therefore, influencing violent or bad behavior.

    Today most of the popular console (ps3, xbox, ect.) games are very violent and realistic. Children playing these games might think these violent or wrong actions are "cool". Its even on the news, stories like kids playing games like "GRAND THEFT AUTO" and going out thinking its ok to just steal cars and shoot people... Some of my reasonings are a bit extreme I do understand BUT, these games do effect children in terms of behavior... I understand this as a teen my self.. Im almost fourteen now but, when I was younger these games effected me and my friends enormously. That is my understanding of children and video games...

  • It does effect the children .

    It does not effect them physically but it does effect them mentally ...... Whenever children play those violent games they would want to cross the early level and continue crossing till the final level ...... Which would definitely involve killing people or creatures . That would have made their subconscious
    mind more addictive to killing people in the game , and it may effect their future lives .

  • Everything we see and hear affects out psyche

    In violent video games, violence becomes normal or fun, there has been a greater increase in violence among teens and kids as these types of video games have become more popular.

    Everything we watch or hear does I penetrate us and from a part of who we are. So why would video games be any different.

  • Yes, you idiots.

    You people really know nothing, don't you. Ever looked at a child with behavioral problems? Ever asked him or her what they do in their spare time? Do it, I dare you. Last time I did that, the child said, "I play GTA, now f*** off." he then proceeded to kick my shins. After that, as we kept walking, he then pushed over an old lady to get to a bus that he promptly stomped on and refused to pay the fare.

    Yes, you idiots.

  • It will, in fact, tone them down.

    Children who play violent video games are believed to become confused with fantasy and reality. This in absolutely false; the effect of killing magical creatures in a faraway land or shooting aliens on a distant planet, compared with the everyday world where the violent people are imprisoned will instill in a child the strong difference between he real world and a video game. Even in the games that are meant to resemble the real world, the character which the player is put in control of is a soldier fighting against terrorism or something in that ballpark, which will portray the villain as the one who uses violence in excessive amounts.

  • There are no connections between behavioral problems and violent video games.

    I played a lot of violent video games and killed a lot of monsters and prostitutes in GTA, for instance, when I was young and still I'm a normal person. So, it depends on kids, if they have some behavioral problems, it is their problem and video games could not influence this.

  • It depends on the game not the kid.

    Now you will all think just because the game is violent the kid will then become violent, this is not the case there has been study that shows that it is depend on how the kids are treated at home and at school.

    If you were to remove those problems they would be solely for entertainment not to influence kids to be violent.
    Infact study has shown that those "Violent video game's" will release anger not build it up and influence them to do the same in real life.


  • Do violent tv shows influence children's behavior problem?

    Most cartoon these days display violent acts, but not many people argue that children's behavioral problems are influenced by these. Why people target violent video games, I'll never know. Perhaps, if we are influenced by everything we see and hear, we should remove all forms of violence from the media, tv, and our personal lives.

  • It is Parents Responsibility

    I think it all depends on the moderation by their parents, video games can get pinned as the reason for children's aggression and violent behaviour if they are playing them, but people forget other factors such as upbringing, genetics and circumstances. Video games will be used as a reason as it is easy to stereotype, as much as society does.

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