Do violent video games trigger violent behavior in kids?

  • Violent video games trigger violent behavior in kids.

    Violent video games have been shown to cause violent behavior in children. A lot of the recent school shootings have been linked to violent video games. We should keep out children safer by encouraging them to seek constructive forms of entertainment that require teamwork and leadership rather than escaping into fantasy worlds where killing is glorified.

  • Violent video games do affect violent behavior and many children.

    In my opinion, the older you get the less is the probability that u will become violent with violent video games. But if you are a 5 year old when you start playing video games like that. It will be more likely for you to become violent than if you don't. Also I think violent video games teach kids that it is okay to do bad things and its not.

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  • Violent Video Games do not affect Behavior for certain people

    In my opinion the older you get the more immune you are to becoming violent so if you are a 7 year old playing a violent video game then maybe he/she will be more violent then normal But if a parent lets a 7 year old play a violent video game/s well then it is the PARENTS fault for letting that young of a person play that violent of a video game.

  • It's not the video games that make people violent, It's other real life issues

    People, More so specifically adults and even politicians like to blame the violent video games on the reason for a lot of violent outbreaks such as robbings, Shootings, And even instances of Grand theft auto. This is no where near the truth because children and teenagers are more prone to the outside world instead of the reality of a video game and parents just want to find a main source to blame and video games isn't anywhere near the answer.

  • Video Games Do Not Make Children Violent, Anger Does

    Like TV shows, video games takes one away from reality. It is like going away to your own world where you can battle dragons or rescue princesses and whatnot. Yes, some video games are violent, but that has nothing to do with someone's behavior. Usually, violence is originated from anger and hate. I don't see how a video game can make someone develop anger when they relax you and take you to another world. So, I advise that those of you who disagree should think again.

  • Living Environment and Parental Behavior.

    Children are more likely to act violently if they are raised in a house that is filled with violence than they are if they play video games like Mortal Kombat X. They are more likely to copy their parents when they are frustrated. Violent video games do not cause violent behavior in my opinion.

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  • They do not

    Video games are yes like a vent they let you replace your anger with fun and your just going to go out in the real world and start killing people or aliens (because there is no known aliens on this world) and besides young people should not be playing violent video games so if they are violent it is their parents fault

  • Violent video games do not affect your behavior

    In my opinion the older you get the less prone to becoming violent you are so if you are a young child YOU SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES and if you are it is your PARENTS fault that you are violent for letting you play it in the first place and it is your fault for playing them. Besides if you are a really little kid most people will not want to play with you. Violent video games are a way to get rid of anger instead of hurting a real person you could just go kill some aliens in a video or zombies or other players because it is a VIDEO GAME it cannot to any harm to the real world.

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  • Correlation, not Causation

    I believe that violent games do not cause violent behavior, rather, violent people tend to play violent games. People who are violent will ten to seek out violent video games. If your kid seems aggressive, do not buy him violent video games, as it could strengthen an already existing strain.

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