Do violent viodeo games make people more violent

Asked by: kokmagik
  • Yes they do, here are some examples,

    •A 13-year old boy jumped from the building’s 24th floor and committed suicide after playing Warcraft III for 36 hours straight.
    •A teenager went on a rampage and killed three men, two of them police officers, after months of playing Grand Theft Auto.
    •A 17-year-old male killed his mother and wounded his father after they took Halo 3 away from him.
    •A 15-year old ran away from home after his parents took his Xbox console away. His dead body was found almost a month after.
    •Two kids murdered 13 and wounded 23 before turning the gun on themselves acting out their own version Doom.

  • No they do not

    Video games do not necessarily make people more prone to commit violent acts. Violent video games may desensitize you to violence though. Very few violent crimes have been committed because of video games. Most video games are harmless and the media loves to use them as a scapegoat for school shootings ect.

  • Video games only make you violent if you play all day nonstop.

    People who create violent acts because of violent video games are the people who play non stop, and can't tell the difference between a fictional world or reality. I Actually play Counter Strike: Global offensive. It is a game about Counter Terrorism versus Terrorism, and I'm not running around planting bombs and exploding things. Because I know the difference between a video game and reality.

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