• Reinforces Negative Opinions About Sexuality

    Firstly, it is in every creature's nature to want to procreate and have sexual relations. It's part of everyone's mechanisms. By saying you won't have sex because it's wrong, it makes it seem like sex is wrong and shameful to other people. Virginity pledges make sex look like it's wrong, and this negatively affects teenagers. All people have sexual fantasies, and it's part of life. Saying sex is wrong makes them feel something is wrong with them for wanting it, when it isn't.

  • Virginity pledges provide young people with unnatural and unrealistic expectations.

    When a person pledges to remain a virgin until marriage it is an unnatural expectation from the onset. Although I respect people's wishes to choose to have sex as they please, I see abstaining from sex as the result of outside pressures as wrong. People should be able to make the decision to have sex whenever they want to.

    Posted by: LiterateWarren
  • It could lead to girls being raped

    Some girls and young women wear ‘chastity rings’ to show they are still virgins. Most of them are incredibly tedious conservative Christians who wear dowdy clothes and no make-up and would probably be virgins anyway, but I worry that some day a good looking girl might be persuaded to wear one of those rings: an attractive girl advertising the fact that she is still a virgin would be of huge interest to many men and some might even be tempted to “enlighten” and take her virginity as a “prize”.

  • I think virginity pledges do more harm than good, especially when the kids who sign them become adults and go to college.

    The reason I believe virginity pledges cause more harm than good is because when a kid signs this pledge with their parents, he or she is agreeing to abstain from sex. For one, I think these virginity pledges involve daughters and their fathers most of the time. As a dude, I was never even asked to sign one of these pledges. These pledges cause more harm than good because when a person breaks this pledge they feel guilt and shame, and that is not what sex should be about. I believe that parents should educate their children about the consequences of sex, i.e. pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, and that kind of thing; but do not force your kid to sign a pledge before they become adults. My mom told me if you have sex you will end up with a kid, and for me personally, I don't want a kid right now in my life - I can barely take care of myself. Virginity pledges do more harm than good because parents are forcing them upon children who might be a little bit naive because they have not experienced adulthood yet.

    Posted by: IntelligentLuis84
  • Virginity pledges are a creepy throwback to a time when women were property.

    Virginity pledges reflect both a creepy obsession with the sexual activity of young women and a creepy notion that a woman's virginity is property that can be put in trust under the care of a woman's father until it is transferred to another man when the woman marries. We don't read of honesty pledges or kindness pledges or good judgment pledges, so why is virginity singled out? And why are women singled out? Virginity pledges place an unhealthy emphasis on one tiny aspect of young women while also advancing the notion that the men in their lives should have control over the most intimate elements of the women's activities.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • Yes, virginity pledges do more harm than good, because they focus the teenagers attention solely on pregnancy, while not having conventional sex and ignoring the dangers of STDS.

    Teens who make a pledge of virginity are more likely to explore other forms of sex, with little to no caution, and this has caused them to be at greater risk for catching STDS. They feel that because they can not get pregnant with things like anal sex, that they do not need to wear protection or take precautions.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Sexual repression is bad

    Even if the pledge is taken voluntarily, forcing yourself to not have sex is harmful psychologically. Humans have evolved to have sex just as we've evolved to breath air. It's essential to our emotional well being that we don't force our bodies to abstain from perfectly natural functions.

  • Try It Before You Buy It

    What if you get married and the sex sucks?
    If they were emphasizing "abstinence until adulthood" instead then maybe I'd be for it.

  • 7 reasons that virginity pledges are harmful:

    1) Sex has many health benefits. It releases sleep-inducing endorphins, relieves pain and stress, allows people to express themselves, increases confidence, desire, and happiness, helps in losing weight and gaining muscle tone, slows the aging process, boost the immune system, and reduces the risks of heart attacks, strokes, and prostate cancer.
    2) Sex releases oxytocin. Too little oxytocin has been linked to eating disorders, pedophilia, an inability to feel forms of love (maternal, romantic, or otherwise) and a tendency toward neglect and child abuse.
    3) Abstinence through pledges doesn't prepare. Most people who take pledges aren't as concerned with using contraceptives because they feel that using their pledges are protection enough. This means that they are screwed if they are raped because the idea of contraceptives doesn't come to them. This lack of preparation in the area of contraceptives contributes to increased numbers of both unwanted pregnancies and STIs.
    4) A social acceptance of sex, which virginity pledges don't allow for, would make contraceptives more available. This would also further lower the rates of pregnancies and STIs.
    5) Keeping virginity pledges until marriage can ruin the lives of people with iffy sexualities. Having sex would allow those with iffy sexualities to keep from marrying and regretting it.
    6) Not making virginity pledges would stop people from marrying just so they can have sex without guilt.
    7) Virginity pledges promote unreal expectations of sex. Many virgins feel that they will have a satisfying first experience, which is simply not the case.

  • A virginity pledge will do more harm than good, because it creates an unrealistic expectation and places emphasis on being "pure" on girls only, while hurting their self-esteem.

    Whenever virginity comes up, it's almost only about girls being virgins. Young girls are told to save themselves for marriage, and that sex outside of marriage can harm your soul. It also forces young girls to bear the burden of staying pure. They are told that only they can tell a man to stop. They are told to dress a certain way and, if they don't, they'll get raped. This is all victim blaming. It doesn't give men or women a healthy view or expectation of sex. No one tells the young men that they need to have self-control. Many people are fuzzy on the idea of consent. Focus should be on healthy relationships, consent, and respecting each other, not on whether or not someone is a virgin.

    Posted by: TellingWalker59
  • I am saving it.

    Sex is not wrong. Sex outside of marriage is wrong. It leads to unwanted pregnancy, the murder of innocent children, STD's, and the horrible divorce rate in this country. I am a teenaged guy and yeah, I am saving my virginity for marriage. My wife will be worth more than any girl I date. I should save it for her. That is the idea of a virginity pledge.

  • Pledging yourself to virginity until marriage is a great thing to do.

    When you pledge yourself to stand to your principles and those principles are extremely good and valuable to society like your virginity then it is a great thing to do. If everyone would publicly pledge themselves to live up to good moral and ethical patterns and practices the world would be a much better place.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • I believe that some good could come from virginity pledges, because they might encourage some young girls to postpone sexual relations until they get older.

    Virginity pledges could give some young girls the courage to avoid sexual relations until they are either married, or more mature. Maturity brings more understanding of the consequences of sex, and the good and bad that can come from it. Virginity pledges might also help lower the number of teen pregnancies.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • I believe that virginity pledges are helpful and do more good then harm.

    I feel this way because first of all, a virginity pledge allows the individual to do some should searching and see what is right for that person. The pledges also help teach young individuals about keeping promises. Finally I feel that virginity pledges help individuals to look into their sexuality and know that their body is valuable and that they should respect their body.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Virginity pledges do more good.

    Teen pregnancy has decreased over the years but teenagers need to be made aware of all the sexually transmitted diseases out there. Raising a baby is not easy and most teens are aware of that. A baby takes away their freedom. Virginity pledges are good as it encourages them to wait and hopefully wait to have a meaningful relationship later in life when they are more mature.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • Having sex as a teenager also scientifically established to be strongly associated with a variety of psycho-social skills.

    Such adolescents are significantly more likely than virginal teens to engage in risky behavior. They are 10 times more likely to have use marijuana and 6 times more likely to attempt suicide. In other words, the problem is not just teen pregnancies and STD's. Teen sex itself is a problem, and to the extent that virginity pledges help the youth to abstain from having teen sex. While it is true that female pledges who begin having sex experience low self-esteem, this is also true of female non-pledges, when they begin to have sex. It is not the rsult of having broken the pledge, but rather of the experience of having sex too young.

  • We all should stay a virgin until marriage. But if someones not, they should repent to Jesus.:) Remember God forgives.

    Jesus Christ died on the Cross for everyone's sins because Jesus Christ Loves everyone and then three days later after Jesus died,Jesus rose from the dead! Jesus Christ is The Son Of God! Jesus Christ Is coming back for His People very soon, (All the signs that The Rapture is soon from The Holy Bible are completed, the signs are still going to happen, but there completed) if you want to be part of Jesus Christ people, want to be saved and want to go in The Rapture to heaven, you have to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and you got to say sorry for all of your sins,every time you sin say sorry for all of your sins to Jesus Christ, and you got to stay believing until the end of God time for you, and at that very moment when the Rapture happens and The Trumpet sounds your not in sin. Then you will go in The Rapture to heaven. If you want to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior say this-If you would like to be saved and would like to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, just say this--------Dear Jesus Christ, I believe that you died on the Cross for everyone's sins because you love everyone and then three days later after you died, you rose from the dead. I believe that you have the power to forgive sins, so please forgive me for all of my sins that I've committed my entire life until now. I accept you as my Lord and Savior. Please come into my heart and change my life and become My Lord and Savior and best friend. Write my name in the Book Of Life and Seal me with your Holy Spirit for the day of your return. In The Name of Jesus Christ I pray-Amen. ------- if you said that, you have been saved and now you are a Christian (not Catholic, being a Christian and catholic are not the same thing). Congratulations! Yay!

  • Nope, it is pledge, a public acknowledgement of accountability of and to their beliefs.

    No more so than any other pledge. We say, or at least one would hope we say, the Pledge of Allegiance for a reason. This too is something they believe strongly in and have the free will to chose. It is a public acknowledgement of what they stand for. I find it more harmful people putting down virgins and non virgins alike.

  • No, I think.

    It's their body and their choice, since when is it any of our business to debate their decision? This is bringing back memories for homosexuality and their rights. I feel the same way that it's their body, their choice, why do we need to debate that? I say leave them be, they are doing no harm.

  • No, it's their choice.

    It is completely the person's choice, and has nothing to do with anyone else except the person making the decision. It is on a par with saying to a homosexual that they're "wrong." Putting my personal opinion aside on homosexuality, you can't deny someone their own personal choice, whether it be sexual orientation, chastity or otherwise. Just as there is nothing wrong with sex, there is nothing wrong with someone pledging to be a virgin until they are married.

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