Do Voter Verified Paper Audit Trails Disenfranchise Disabled Voters and Language Minorities?

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  • Paper Trail Ensures Fair Voting

    Having a paper trail with electronic voting ensures the voting process can be verified in case there are voting glitches or questions about the integrity of the system. Paper audit trails don't disenfranchise anyone as electronic voting should help make voting more accessible to disabled voters and minorities with different language screens for instructions and machines made specifically for wheelchair-bound citizens. If someone needs help voting, they can bring an interpreter or get human help from an election official.

  • No, VVPAT''s does not disenfranchise certain voters

    No, verified paper audit trails do not disenfranchise disabled voters and language minorities. The system is designed to give checks and balances to the voting system by using audits performed before, during, or after an election. Though there are many concerns with VVPAT, the system is in place for the user to verify that their vote has been cast correctly.

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