Do Voters Have Confidence That Electronic Voting Machines Record Votes Accurately?

  • A glitch in the machine could effect an election.

    I believe that votes should be counted the old fashioned
    way. It may take longer, but I would
    feel more comfortable if these ballots were counted by human beings, and then
    counted again. Our government depends
    upon elected officials. These elections
    are too important to be swayed by the malfunction of a machine which hasn’t
    been tested long enough to be dependable.

  • No, they have been shown to be inaccurate

    Although voting machines are a fine way to integrate the voting system with modern technology, they are far too prone to inaccuracies and manipulation. There have been multiple examples that show how voting machines are manipulated by those who know how to work them, and voting machines also have barely any paper trail. It is important that we stick to paper ballots, as they provide concrete evidence of how many votes a candidate receives.

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