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  • No, voting felons do not favor Republicans.

    Simply being a felon would not necessarily influence a person to vote one way or another. However, since felons in the United States are disproportionately African American, and since African Americans in the United State vote disproportionately for the Democratic party, it is not unreasonable to assume that felons would favor Democrats if they had the right to vote. Some pundits believe that if felons had been allowed to vote in 2000, Al Gore would have won Florida (and thus the election).

  • They let it go.

    Voting felons favor Democrats over Republicans because the democrats usually want to vote to legalize the terrible things that the democrats are doing. The democrats also want to live in the land of the million chances, where a person is not held responsible for anything that they do, because they are victims of their upbringings.

  • No, voting felons favor Democrats.

    I think that when felons are given the right to vote, that it will definitely benefit the Democrats. More of the laws and principles that Democrats believe in favor criminals. A lot of their policies are also a lot more softer on penalties for crimes. A lot of Democrats also don't favor the death penalty.

  • Felons Do not Vote.

    If you have convicted a felony crime in the United States of America, and that crime has not been overturned or your have not been cleared and declared not guilty, you are not allowed to vote in any election.Felons are not allowed, according to federal law to vote for Republicans or Democrats.
    However,I'm sure since most felonies involve theft or swindling it is in my belief the would vote Democrat.

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