• Yes, for minor health issues.

    I think Walgreen's clinics do a fine job of providing adequate care for minor health issues. They fill a much needed niche by providing a walk in clinic available in the evenings and on weekends. Anyone who has had a child come down with an ear infection on a Sunday appreciates having a Walgreen's clinic near by. They provide adequate care to hold you until you can get into your regular physician if needed.

  • Any Care Is Good Care

    Defining any health care provision as adequate or not is a relative act. Any manner of health care is adequate insomuch as it is better than no health care. It is another matter to discuss the question of what other primary and supplementary services comprise any given health care package.

  • No, Walgreens are more of a pharmacy than clinic

    No, Walgreens don't provide adequate health care because they are primarily a pharmacy. While many of these stores do offer vaccinations, it is important to remember that Walgreens serve as a retail environment first and foremost, and they should not be considered a medical facility where all your health needs will be met.

  • No Walgreens clinics do not provide adequate health care.

    I do not believe that Walgreens clinics provide adequate health care. I do not think that they are a place that people should go to if they're seeking a treatment for their illness. Plus I think they're only meant for some basic assessments of possible health problems with some people.

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