Do we all have a Purpose? If so, what do you believe your Purpose is and what could be hindering you from achieving it?

  • We all have Gifts that are meant to be shared.

    I feel we were all given innate gifts that we are suppose to express through our creativity. I feel the System in which Governs the minds of most people of this world is hindering our abilities. We are distracted by unimportant Physical things, and totally forget the fact that we are Spiritual by Nature, entered into a Physical body. Yes, we are suppose to enjoy the Physical, that is why we came, but there is a Balance in which we are suppose to have of the Spiritual and Physical. If we are distracted by the Physical we are totally engulfed in this Physical Paradigm and are lead into an abyss of trends, judgment., religion, oppression, and self hate. This distracts us from our True Purpose and it keeps the people under control in a very sick and twisted way. Taking away our Freedom of truly Living a fulfilling Life.

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