Do we all have a Purpose? If so, what is yours and what do you think is hindering you from understanding it?

  • Yes we all do

    My purpose and everyone else's is to love God and to build your relationship with God and to teach others how to about him and how to have a relationship with him that is our main purpose here everything else is just a gifts from God for us to enjoy life, now what is hindering me is not trying hard enough to have a relationship with God which I'm am turning that around now

  • Yes, we are all given gifts and a Purpose.

    I feel we were all given innate gifts that we are suppose to express through our creativity. I feel the System in which Governs the minds of most people of this world is hindering our abilities. We are distracted by unimportant Physical things, and totally forget the fact that we are Spiritual by Nature, entered into a Physical body. Yes, we are suppose to enjoy the Physical, that is why we came, but there is a Balance in which we are suppose to have of the Spiritual and Physical. If we are distracted by the Physical we are totally engulfed in this Physical Paradigm and are lead into an abyss of trends, judgment., religion, oppression, and self hate. This distracts us from our True Purpose and it keeps the people under control in a very sick and twisted way. Taking away our Freedom of truly Living a fulfilling Life.

  • With regard to Universe, life is irrelevant.

    The only perspective that makes life relevant is the perspective of the one who asks the question. It makes no difference for everything else. Life has no impact or significance in or for the universe.
    Self awareness (reason, consciousness and so on) are mere effects of complexity. The higher the complexity of a system, the more elevated the intelligence is - but that is of no consequence for the universe. The universe is probably (from what we know now) the only thing more complex than a human brain - and yet is not self aware, conscious or intelligent. And it will continue to exist along it natural course regardless life - intelligent or not.

  • No, we are a combination of random events.

    Excluding anything about a divine. We are simply animals, our purpose was to live and survive. I believe we evolved beyond just reproduction sleep and eat. I believe our purpose is to better humanity, whatever that manifests itself to be. Yo help humanity however we can before we come to our inevitable end.

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