• Yes, the human race has an obligation to fellow humans.

    Human beings are social creatures. As a result, there is a natural predisposition for them to reach out to care and assist other humans. Moreover, most humans live by what is called or described a as a moral code. This code also calls for humans to assist and help one another.

  • Yes, the United States should stop the innocent killing of women and children at all costs

    The United States should enter Syria to stabilize the conflict and put in a political system that can make the country safe again. The killing of women and children is an awful practice and as the United States with the worlds strongest military, we have the power to end the brutal killings of innocent people.

  • Morally, I think so

    Yes I think that morally, we as the human race, have an obligation to help out our fellow human beings. If somebody is sick, hurt, or suffering in some way, I would have a moral obligation to at least do something for that person. We are all people and sometimes we all need somebody's help.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    The world is shrinking because of the internet and easier means of travel. We have 24 hour per day news cycles now. It's not like we are ignorant of each other's problems anymore. As a whole, we are a pretty messed up species, so it's about time we start helping each other.

  • It's the human thing to do.

    Yes. I think that one way to show that we are evolved is that we can realize our duty to our fellow humans. If more people cooperated and helped each other out, we would have less overall conflict in the world. That might even eventually lead to less wars and other tragedies.

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