• Our true selves are found in the Randomness

    It's very obvious if you think about it. Everything in the Universe is caused by other things except for random fluctuations. Ergo random fluctuation or what ever it springs from which by definition can never be observed is essentially omnipotent. It is "God"! It is not the God of the Bible or any other holy book beyond the contribution of random fluctuation to their creation (which from a certain angle is 100% given that if you go back far enough in any given physical process you reach random fluctuation, this still doesn't mean this "God" was fully cognizant of how a given process would end up or the effects upon us, "Random Fluctuation God" is likely to be deistic). This would also be the source of true self. What ever is of random fluctuation what ever is of that source would reflect a person's true spirit in the most meaningful possible sense.

  • You're own argument can be use against you

    How can anithing exist if there's no randomness, the universe didn't exist but then it did. There's no explanation for why. And life, if we're just a product of fate, why do we continue to innovate and develope? Why do we constantly ask question about our own fate? And if I try to kill you you'll try to stop me? Cause you belive it's you're fate not to die? Why bother doing anything?

  • No one chooses anything.

    We are all products of fate. Every action happens for a reason. If i spill my coffee it was because i was clumsy. I was clumsy because i have a genetic predisposition to being clumsy inherited from my parents. It is theoretically possible to draw a causal chain from any action that takes place back to the beginning of the universe.

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MasturDbtor says2014-07-18T04:07:03.617
Something to think about.