• Technology that Invades

    Technology is depended on so much that it's scary. Try this: stand still in a public place, somewhere like a mall or a train station, and watch the people. Most of them will probably be holding their cell phones. Look at the people with the small children. They let them have iPhones and iPads and all sorts of things to shut them up! I think that's horrible, because when I was their age, I didn't have anything like that.

  • Overly Dependent People.

    People use technology to carry out even the simplest of tasks everyday. Instead of writing, we type. Instead of working out a math problem, we use a calculator. People will literally drive to their mailboxes to get the mail instead of walking. We use technology to make our meals, wash our clothes and take care of business in the bathroom (which is why people hate power outages.). Board games are obsolete. Now, we have television and games to entertain ourselves. Do you want to stay warm? Use the heater and forget the fireplace.

  • Dependence on Technology?

    Us Americans are highly dependent on technology. I'm obviously on technology as I state my argument. If it wasn't for technology we wouldn't be able to communicate, work, learn, etc. So yes we depend on technology because everything around us is either technology, discovered because of technology, or invented from using technology.

  • Fortnite, Roblox, Ps4(consoles. And everything supporting techonlplogy)

    WE KNOW: that we children(teenagers, Kids, And alot more)play so much games that we are too dependent on techonology. . . . . Yestrerday, My neighbourhood's son fought his father and became drunk. . . . . But sadly he suscide. . . .

    Nowdays, We are dependent on techonology, That now people are susciding and killing them. . . . . . . . . I myself becoming Very Dependent On Techonology

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  • It is everywhere

    Go without it for a week. See how How long you last. This means no TV no cell phone no AC. Just good old fashion living. Don’t even think about turning on the stove to cook! How long last. This means no TV no cell phone no AC. Just good all fashion living. Don’t even think about turning on the stove to cook! 🙃😁

  • Avocado: Simple, Straightforward and To-the-Point

    Whether you are writing a lengthy paper or answering an essay question for a test, You
    must have supporting arguments for your thesis statement. Think of supporting
    arguments as mini-papers with mini-thesis statements (sometimes called main ideas).
    Supporting arguments “back up” your thesis or help “prove” it—to the extent that it can
    truly be proven.
    In the following essay, The main idea of each supporting argument is bolded and
    underlined. Notice how the supporting arguments are mentioned in the body of the essay
    as well as in the introduction and conclusion.

  • Technology should not be used every minute

    It is taking over young peoples brains and is manipulating them to be addicted and not do anything else with their life. Parents are a big problem as well as they don't do anyhting about their kids being on tech for way too long when they should be doing something else

  • Teaching maths lessonings

    My old maths teacher relied on technology to teach. As she didn't pass her maths exam so she would get a powerpoint from staff shared. She would put NB in the top left and act like it was hers. THIS IS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AS SHE IS GETTING PAID FOR USING OTHER CONTENT. We like volume of cone. And btw is gussi not gucci and its ahmed vaton.

    Kind regards

  • We don't depend on technology too much

    Modern people don't use technology as much as some people think we do. Some people have to use technology in their job. So basically you can't get a modern day job without being able to type, or use a computer. Some people just need it in their job, can't help that modern society requires it.

  • Technology tends to help out life, especially in medicine

    While there are arguments that technology such as cell phones not only deteriorate our concentration, but hurt our brains with EMR, the end result is that a pro-technology society tends to have better healthcare and better implemented technology in hospitals. Though we may 'feel' the pain in the short term, in the long term it is better.

  • We depend on tech

    Because we all were typing on the computer or phone a few seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/moths/years/decades/centuries
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  • Technology will open our eyes to values that matter

    I was born 2001 right after a lot of western tragedies, my outlook on life is a lot different then children 50 years ago. My dependence on technology has given me knowledge beyond some peoples understanding. For me, education and learning became easier when I found common knowledge at the tip of my fingers.

  • I love tech

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  • Come on really?

    The world is only using technology because it is easier, there are many things that you can do on a computer. There is nothing wrong with texting except getting the wrong message occasionally. Sure if your not doing too well in school or whatever then you should probably lay back but there is nothing wrong with it.

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  • We are using as we were intended to.

    As new technology is invented people are intended to use it, like a phone originally a phone was just to contact people... Now that we are advancing technology is to, like the iPhone, we can practically do everything on the couch, watch movies, play games, make videos, get money, listen to music, talk to friends/family, and read books all in one object, so I conclude we only use what we are givin if you could do this all without moving would you?

  • Let The World Develop!

    Although we rely on technology I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. The world has to keep developing and this is a way in which for it to do so. The world wouldn't be the same without the technology we have. I believe if people do not enjoy technology they often have the option to stay away from it and should do so. Life would be too boring for me without the technology we use today. :)

  • No We Don't

    I do not think we rely too much on technology because if you have something that can make a task easier and was available to you then you would be stupid not to use it and deliberately make a task harder. I see how you could think this but in my opinion we are not relying too much on technology. As it is fact that technology makes tasks easier

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