Do we get consciousness from pieces and parts?

Asked by: philosurfer
  • Consciousness most probably arises from the most fundamental interactions in the universe.

    I'm a hylopathist. I believe that sentient consciousness is pervasive throughout the universe and that it is not unique to any specific kind of matter. What provides intelligence to this sentient consciousness, however, is the arrangement of matter. But I'm of the believe that all matter is possessed of some rudimentary form of consciousness.

  • Do We Get Consciousness From Pieces & Parts? Physical Systems Producing a Metaphysical Product or Does Consciousness Arise from Elsewhere?

    Does consciousness come from the brain only or is consciousness pervasive and saturated throughout the universe?

    If my liver and stomach produce digestive enzymes, perhaps my brain produces consciousness in a similar fashion?

    What is consciousness and where does it come from?

    Is there an aspect to consciousness that is metaphysical?

    Is consciousness an illusion?

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