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  • No, especially unrecognized scientists.

    Scientists are what makes the human race progress. They spend years of hard studying just to be recognised as a scientist, since standards for a scientists are extremely high with good reason, however the rewards are just not worth it. Decades of studying for a job that doesn't pay more then a teacher. I believe its not fair

  • It's not that hard to realize that they don't get enough credit

    They aren't talked about as much as we should talk about them. I know many people who don't know who Galileo is and Issac Newton. They are both remarkable and intelligent. It's also very interesting and fun to talk about if you ever have those science conversations with your friends

  • We should be honored and paid more

    Engineers and Earth scientist are the creative and knowledge people. I'm atmospheric scientist major and being a forecaster, we should be paid more. The jobs is very stressful to get forecasts out on a timely matter for the public. What is more frustrating is these little ladies on TV doing weather reports gets credit when she copied the forecast from actual meteorologists. To being a weather person on TV requires no college degree with no background in meteorology. There was a law suit about this in LA when they choose a young Russian woman with no education in weather to a older guy who has lot of experience in weather forecasting. Weather folks on TV should say forecast is brought you by this weather agency (name).

  • No, I'm a atmospheric science major

    Being a weather forecaster is tough, but then we have the folks on the TV pretending as if they were actual meteorologists. We are never credited for our hard work in weather forecasting, protecting lives and property from destructive weather. However, they do complain because the temperature was off by 5 deg F or a few extra clouds in the sky. People don't realize the challenges that science goes through.

    Pay raise, most definitely we should earn one. All of us scientists and engineers should go on strike. Imagine no more Iphones being made or no more weather reports coming in. All of us scientists should go on strike for a month and see how the public will do without our valuable knowledge and skills.

  • Definitely not enough if any at all

    We scientists should create a global union and go on strike until we are paid as much or more than the business people that our hard work and ideas prop up. Ideas are power, knowledge is power. When will we realize that those who generate new ideas are the drivers of the economy? Not people in fancy suits who shift numbers around on paper and computers

  • NO, not at all.

    We know all of our celebrities and politicians but don't know any of our current scientist, Why is that? We have been ungrateful of the IPhones satellites television ovens and stoves, we are a spoiled nation and need to give more credit and resources to our scientist rather than politicians celebrities or businesses.

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