• Yes, we have a system made for a smaller population.

    Yes, we have a system that's as outdated as they come and doesn't address all of the needs for all of the people living in the United States. It's important that we update this system soon so that all people can benefit from the great minds and resources of the United States.

  • We do not have an outdated socio-ecomonic system

    Our socio-ecomonic system is not outdated but people need better education on how to utilize the opportunities within the system. There is far too much focus on pointing fingers and playing the victim in today's society. If people were better taught how to advance their lives, the socio-economic difference would become less noticeable.

  • Not Out Of Date

    I do not believe we have an outdated socio-economic system, I believe the system is broken from abuse. I believe many people have come to understand the terms of system and they've figured out ways to step over laws or squeak through loopholes. These people have undermined the system. It is corrupt, not out of date.

  • Liberty for all.

    No, we do not have an outdated socio-economy system, because the United States is one of the few countries where a person can still make it on the merits. If someone develops a great product or works really hard, they should get rich. If a person wants to save their money, they should have it later.

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