Do we have free will (yes) or are our actions predetermined?

Asked by: steffon66
  • To a degree at least.

    Sure, society places some rules on us, as does the limitations of our brains. But there are always some who decide to not follow the general trend. So yes, we do have free will- without it, I wouldn't go against the crowd and vote that we do have free will. And neither would people commit crimes.

  • If we didn't have free will, the world wouldn't function properly

    Everything we do is based on will. Even the mere act that I am writing this. Did anyone force me to? No. Would something bad happen to me if I didn't? No.
    If everyone's actions are predetermined, it's as good as saying that I can't make a difference, I can't do anything different, so why bother trying?

  • Yes we do

    Learning presupposes that we have the ability to freely choose which option is the correct option. Same with debating. We presuppose that we have free will, because we all assume we choose according to a position that we think is correct. The only way to argue against this position is to freely choose/decide that my position is wrong, which then proves that its right.
    Do not misinterpret the question. Some people on the "No" side just use claims of people being forced into something as proof against free will. But that is irrelevant to the topic. Bad things do happen to people, and that doesn't in anyway disprove the existence of "free will". What free will is exactly, though, is another topic.

  • Yes we do have free will.

    Were you free to ask this question? Of course you were. God knows what you will do though. However, God gives you the free will to choose. God doesn't force you to worship Him. That's not love. Since God is love, Since God is Love... He gives you the option on choosing good or evil.

  • Cause and effect.

    Cause and effect is a constant chain of events, one leading to the other. If you look at every event, they all had something that caused them to happen in the past. Because you can not change the past, the event was inevitable. Thing is, the same would be true for future events. You may think by interacting, you can change future events but that is not true. This is because your interaction would just be a part of the inevitable chain of events. Your choice to interact would be caused by events of the past, seeing that the past can not be changed, your interaction would be inevitable so the outcome would also be inevitable.

  • No we do not.

    Ask any rape victim if he or she had free will. No one wants to be raped, but it happens anyway. Ask the Sudanese Jews and Christians who are crucified if they have free will. Ask any mental patient if the choose to feel this way. Ask Saudi women if they have free will.

  • Even if we do we might as well not and ill tell you why.

    If we knew more or less we would do differently. If you could go back you would choose to do differently because of what you know after doing what you did. So what we do is determined by what we know, what we want, how we think and how we feel. As these things change so do our choices. Now this is why I don't believe in free will. Ill start with maturity. We all do things as kids that none of us do as adults and vice versa. That's because of maturity. As our brains change our will changes and we cant control how our brains change and what they change into which is different for everyone. That's maturity. So our will is CAUSED by the physical condition of the brain which is beyond our control. Also differences in moralities and actions has been linked to differences in the ways the brains work. Its obvious that what you do is determined by how the brain works and anyone who says differently is either unintelligent ignorant or a lazy thinker.

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Thegreatdebate98 says2015-07-06T16:51:19.373
Both, we have one hundred percent free will, however from a Theist perspective, I believe God has a purpose for everyone and knows exactly what's going to happen. We're in control of what we do and the choices we make, but the overall meaning is put in place by God, he gives us direction, but that doesn't mean we have to follow that direction. Although, something may occur if we do not follow that direction. Life is complex, and this is a vague question.
steffon66 says2015-07-07T02:54:00.190
You say both which I would think is smarter than saying we have one hundred percent free will by far but then you contradict yourself and say we have one hundred percent free will. If our actions are predetermined then there is no free will. I didn't ask are our actions foreseen. I said are our actions predetermined and asked if we have free will. If our actions are predetermined then everything we do was always going to happen no matter how bad we want to do differently. If we can choose to not do what god wants us to do and there is a purpose for everybody then god doesn't accomplish what he needs to accomplish nor does he need us puny humans if he is all powerful as this would mean he could accomplish anything by any means. Contradict yourself again on something so simple and I wont debate you