• Homework is Stupid

    I am a kid and I have too much homework. 30 minutes of math, 25 minutes of writing, and 25 minutes of reading. That equals 80 minutes of homework. That is way too long. I have little time to relax and to just do nothing. And homework is just schoolwork at home. That is just stupid.

  • Why homework is bad.

    It takes time away from their social lives and personal time at home. It is also frustrating knowing that you have to do homework later in your already busy schedule. It is also very stressful having a lot of homework that normally takes hours to do! I personally think that they should abolish homework completely!

  • Homework makes kids frustrated!

    Lots of kids have a hard time doing their own homework. I think all schools should give less homework to children. I think this argument would make kids better. When I was a kid, I had a hard time finishing my homework and projects. My arguments showed why I think there's too much homework.

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