Do we have more freedom if we have universal health care?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • You can't be free if you're dead

    You're not free if you're dead and most people want to be free of disease, pain, and disability. We shouldn't let conservatives dominate the "freedom" narrative in the health care debate. Support for universal health care is support for freedom. The freedom to keep a little bit extra money from being taken as taxes (i.E. The freedom to be able to buy a few extra conveniences) and corporations to make enormous profits pales in comparison.

  • Freedom to be able to not worry about suddenly being injured and going bankrupt.

    Does anyone honestly go their entire lives suffering nothing more severe than a paper cut? Not only that, but I read a piece in Time magazine that shows how insurance companies and private hospitals are in cahoots. Hospitals charge obscene amounts for things that weren't really all that expensive to provide. How many people have gone bankrupt because of medical bills?

  • We are forced to use health care, and often to pay for it.

    It should be remembered that no human can avoid seeking health care unless that person is suicidal. I almost cannot believe that any significant portion of the US citizenry could prefer to enslave themselves to their inevitable need to protect their own best interests with regards to health care. The current system in the US is a ransom network; your money or your life.

  • Humanity above all

    The world's gonna be connected. Knowledge can be spread across divisions. Connected we will be. Progress will reach heights.As consumers, payers, and regulatory agencies require evidence regarding health care quality, the demand for process of care measures will grow. Validated process of care measures provide an important additional element to quality improvement efforts, as they illuminate exactly which provider actions could be changed to improve patient outcomes.

  • Absolutely not, it takes away freedom.

    Universal health care creates a 30% tax hike and you are forced into it. Even if you cannot afford to pay taxes you have to have it. So it burdens the hard working American into having to pay for something for someone else. It takes away the freedom of choice. Especially if you would prefer a private insurance company rather than rely on bureaucrats for your health.

  • No no no

    How can you have more freedom when your going to wait 3 months to get a checkup and only have one forum of healthcare? In the free market we can pay the same amount that we will be paying for Obamacare, and pick our own providers.

    What people don't realize is that Obamacare is NOT FREE. It is a huge tax that if people don't pay will be penalized.

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