• We already have FREEDOM

    The only reason why some people think we don't have freedom is also because of the religion, why religion? Because they said that God already has plans for you the only way to make sure that his plan will succeed you need to do actions for yourself too so it means everything we do is for God,next is the domino effect ( which is the next action that you are going to do is the result/based to the previous action ) they also think our lives have been programmed but no we aren't, because we can't talk about freedom right now if we are programmed, the word " FREEDOM " will never exist if you think that way, if you are going to program a computer you are not gonna let this computer to disobey you or fightback right? So it means we own our lives, it's not about the rules or command or principle of those people,but on your own you already have it.

  • To an extent.

    Generally, I think the fact that we have 'free will' means that we can use our bodies in a physical way that our mind pleases. However there are limits. Some are more free than others. Look at slaves, they would have a lot less freedom than those of us living in wealthy countries.
    However, we are mentally free. And can often use this to change our circumstances if we desire. Look at those that have become athletes from poor African nations.
    Generally, I think some are more free than others, being trapped physically, or by our own mental limits.
    Also, this goes without saying, but obviously even the most advantaged of us have limits. For instance, I wouldn't be able to fly to and walk on the sun by myself. Haha. There are limits.

  • Yes, but freedom comes with consequences.

    Any one of us can do whatever it is that we choose to do. However, we know that society comes with its set of constraints, no matter which society one is part of. One can still do as one chooses; the only caveat is that the chooser must deal with the consequences of whatever he or she opts for. We sometimes don't act bravely because we fear that.

  • Lol not enough

    Society makes us think that we have freedom but in reality, we really don't.... Therefore we need more of a right to say, do and be different things and be allowed to do all these different things well yes we may have freedom in some ways but some places have much more freedom than others

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  • We barely have a lot of freedom.

    Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
    “If I speak, I am condemned, if I stay silent, I am damned.”
    America has given us the illusion that we have freedom. To every one of us, they make it sound like we have freedom when in reality, we have the opposite.

    We are human beings. Under the constitution, we have the right to forage our own food when we are starving, we have the right to be wherever we want, we have the right to have whatever we want. All these rights….. And look at us. We are restricted to the places where you can hunt, to the places where you can live, to what you can buy and so on.

  • We have some freedoms.

    The government tries to contain the amount of things that you can done within the country. One example of the government trying to limit freedoms is the NSA. The National Security Agency is in charge of maintaining security within the country mainly by spying on phone calls, computers and others means. Really the NSA stops you from doing things that you could be able to do if you really did have ABSOLUTE FREEDOM.

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