• We will die regardless.

    We will all die at some point. The question seems to be "do we the right to chose when to die?" This is a personal decision ( Not a right), and should be spelled out in a living will or other such document. There are and should be prohibitions against "exhibitionist suicides" like jumping off a building in public. However ending your own life under non public and clinically "clean" methods should be allowed.

  • Our Death and Circumstances Surrounding it are a Personal Decision

    A person has the right to determine the circumstances surrounding their death. Who has the right to tell them they must endure circumstances they deem intolerable, or to apply their life's assets in a particular way? While I would hope people considering defining their death get council and the help they need to make such a decision, it's certainly not in anyone's jurisdiction to dictate to them.

  • Yes we should

    When you die your soul is in peace and it can do what it pleases and may become something else such as an animal, or a rock, or the ocean , even the sand. We need a brake frome life some time and suicide is not the way but dieing in peace is how it should be done.

  • As much as we have a right to live.

    This is absurd of course. If we are talking about rights in a way which would be considered natural, of course we have a right to die as much as we do to exist. If we are talking about "rights" like those "granted" by States, then we only have rights which the State sees fitting for its subjects. And any person who would state that another doesn't have a natural right to die must believe themselves to be a God.

  • We all have the right to choose

    Our civilization is now the place for multiple belief systems to coexist. Everyone should be able to choose what to do with their own life, if they are mentally capable. In the case of children they shouldnt be able to give the right to choose about this things, neither their parents.

  • No, we must be immortal

    There are genius people in this world, (like my glorious self), and we have to live on and on and on and on. We can never die and we never will and a lot of people don't want to well some do like Ana who is a leprechaun from Portugal.

  • Each person has their own rights. However they should not die by themselves.

    As we are noticing many people die due to their problems which they cannot solve, because their hopeless. You shouldn't die, you will be waited bright future. Furthermore, there are many people who are close to you, think of them. This is world, each person has to face many problems, we should cope it, in order to live happily, not go to commit suicide. Thus, I am against people's rights about death. In conclusion, don't be hopeless, only go ahead, everything will be ok.

  • Today's Modern Society

    In today's society, many people commit suicide for their freedom to run away from a situation. Close family members or friends try to stop them but who are we to decide who to live? The Aztecs once sacrificed themselves for their gods and dying there was a great honor. Today we do that but we aren't allowed to sacrifice or commit suicide or the police will watch us or put us in a place where we cant hurt ourselves.

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RedMoonlight says2013-09-18T01:44:07.403
You can't really answer this question with a definitive "yes" or "no". I believe a person's "right to die" should be considered on a strictly case by case basis. For example, a person with a fatal disease should certainly be allowed to end his own suffering, however, a parent who choosing to terminate his life for selfish reasons is treading into morally questionable territory.