• It's a free country.

    The only argument I ever hear against gay marriage is that the Bible says this and that. Well, it has nothing to do with the government. Everyone should have the right to marry their "soulmate". It doesn't affect you, so why does it bother those against gay marriage? It shouldn't.

  • Of course it should

    Why do people have such a problem with this? If you are not gay then dont marry a gay person! I bet that'll show them wouldnt it? Honestly it is none of your business who anyone gets married to so dont discriminate them simply because you are not gay youreself.

  • Yes we should.

    Everyone has a right to marry the person they love. Who are we to take away other peoples rights to be happy. Gender should not matter. If 2 women or 2 men want to marry each other let them it is not effecting anyone elses life but theirs so no one should have a problem with it.

  • Yes, we have to Accept for Love Defines no Gender.

    Nowadays, they're so many questions running through people's mind why are they gay and stuff. I mean, why don't they just accept of what does an individual feel about themselves. It's not wrong to love the same sex; at least they didn't step over other's dignity. If you can't accept it, deal with it though. And if you're asking why are we gay? We also have a question for you, "Why are you straight?"

  • They are humans too

    STOP BEING HOMOPHOBICS ! Just stop it , okay ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Yes, if it becomes law, then gay marriage must be accepted

    Gay Marriage if it becomes law must be accepted. It is important for people to know the difference between an opinion on gay marriage and the acceptance of the law. Opinions are what America is full of. Laws, once they are passed, should be respected and not constantly retried in public opinion. Just because a law is passed that you don't like, does not mean you have the right to belittle people who are following the law. Or to make a public spectacle of your unhappiness with the law.

  • Marriage for all or none.

    The goverment needs to protect the citizens from being harmed, not offended. When the goverment recongnizes marriage, they need to recongnize it has a financial commitment, not a religious or moral commitment. I support either allowing gay and polygamist marriage or privatizing marriage all together. I believe incest should be allowed as long as member involved in the relationship have been sterilized. I am strongly against beastiality.

  • It's not about influencing others.

    It doesn't mean if you're gay you already lost the right path. And mostly why would be gay marriage be an influence to the society that in fact nobody teaches the individual to follow what is "in" today. The society is the one who complicates things. People just live the life they want and love the things around them.

  • We do not have to support it.

    I believe that anyone should have the right to be in a civil union, and receive marriage benefits, but gay rights activists cannot make me acknowledge that they're married, that is infringing on my rights, I don't believe that gay people are able to get married, it is between a man and a woman.

  • Marriage is sacred, love is only between man and woman. Other than that it is friendship.

    Love is a vow between man and woman only. It has always been like that from the beginning. If the government always have to agree to what the people wants, what use is the government? The government should teach the people what is right, and not let the people lead them. People might say that we are not to judge, that's true. But, we can't just let them do anything they want either. God leads apostles and evangelists to spread the word of God, not to judge whether someone is wrong or right. They guide the people who are lost back to the right road. The Government should do the same. Gay marriage has a negative impact one the society, so it is our concern that some people cant accept it. You're not living in the world alone, you know. The children the gay couples adopt, seeing their parents like that, will receive negative influences to their future. Some may say it will increase the amount of children being adopted, but legalizing gay marriage is not the way out. Accepting gay marriage will influence more people to try liking the same sex and that is not the future we want.

  • No because it is bad for society

    Time will show the awful consequences that normalising homosexuality (eg gay marriage) will have on our society. We should not accept it because overall it will be bad for society. It will increase children's suicide rates, it will create and spread more disease, it will cost the economy billions of dollars more.


    Well it is known that kids have attractions outside their orientation, and that we are all bisexual to some degree. By normalising homosexuality, gone is the little voice saying 'stop this is wrong'. More kids will experiment with their bisexuality. More gays will solicit our straight kids for sex. Kids will be confused. Some will participate not knowing they are not gay. The psycholgoical damage (and the physical damage) will be enormous.

    A vote for gay marriage is a vote for the SEXUAL ABUSE OF OUR CHILDREN.

    Please, stop this nonsense before it's too late. You have been brainwashed by an evil, evil gay activist campaign that started in 1990, outlining how homosexuality can be accepted as normal in mainstream society. This campaign was very clever, and very successful, the results speak for themselves. But it is evil. Read more about it here:

    I repeat, stop this rubbish that homosexuality is normal. It is going to have disastrous consequences for our kids and our society.

  • It is Wrong

    We do not need to accept gay marriage in this country. The Supreme Court had no right to get involved in the marriage debate. There were other countries watching to see what WE as AMERICA would do with gay marriage. That should be left up to the states. Besides Congress needs to pass a federal amendment banning gay marriage and to make it illegal. America needs to be like a few some of these other countries where if your found to be gay, you go to prison and have to pay a fine. Marriage is only between one man and one woman! Besides if the gay agenda thinks that we have evolved and come this far, then after the couple have their wedding night then they should wake up the next morning and say " i am pregnant". But that's never going to happen. Besides with gay marriage guys don't you know that your parts don't fit, the same with a lesbian couple. If a lesbian couple wants to have children, one of them has to go the fertility bank and guess where the DNA comes from.... That's right a guy!! Besides research has shown that kids that grow up in a family with two of the same gender, they do worse in school, they have higher drug addictions and other problems. So no we don't have to accept gay marriage in this county.

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