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  • No, the Kardashians are annoying

    ... and there's no reason for them to be famous, let alone for us to ingratiate ourselves with every detail of their lives. We need to stop making stupid people famous! We need to stop giving them more of our money by keeping them in business through publicity and advertising!

  • No, we do not need to know every detail of the Kardashians' lives.

    Keeping Up With the Kardashian is a widely popular television show. Many people wonder how the Kardashians got to be so famous in the first place. The reason for their fame is a phenomenon in which people need to know the details of celebrities, or people higher in status. This psychological belief is only in our heads.

  • I don't think so

    We certainly know a lot about the Kardashians because they publish just about everything. There's no way we know everything. I'm sure they have plenty of secrets that the public doesn't know. That's just human nature. I think they are more transparent than most, but its naive to think we know everything.

  • Enough with the Kardashian news already

    While the public seems to love keeping up with every single detail of the Kardashians' lives, enough is enough. We should be following and keeping up with people who are truly impacting society, science, health, racial wars, etc rather than these "celebrities". Beyond that though, people's lives should be private.

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