• Yes, cloud changes can account for temperature changes

    The temperature-increase over the late 20th-century (which despite rumours to he contrary is not ‘unprecedented’) can be accounted for by albedo changes alone and has been documented in peer-reviewed papers that I posted on my blog here: http://chipstero7.Blogspot.Co.Uk/2013/02/could-clouds-be-responsible-for-global_1874.Html Quote from one of the papers: “The decrease in Earth’s reflectance from 1984 to 2000 suggested by ISCCP translates into a decrease of the bond albedo by 0.02 and an additional SW absorption of 6.8W/m^2. This is climatologically very significant”. The IPCC assume that doubling atmospheric CO2 from its pre-industrial baseline of 280ppmv will produce about 3.7W/sq.M of ‘radiative forcing’. The 6.8W/sq.M of ‘radiative forcing’ from reduced cloud cover is almost double the IPCC’s estimate. It’s important for people to understand that when the IPCC estimate ‘radiative forcing’ from atmospheric CO2 they use radiative transfer model-codes such as HITRAN and MODTRAN and these models have never been independently audited in the public domain and contradict observations of CO2’s absorptivity/emissivity. You’ll frequently hear CAGW-advocates cite papers such as ‘Harries 2001’ as satellite-measured ‘empirical evidence’ of CO2’s greenhouse potency but you’ll never see any radiative quantification. When taking into account the observations of CO2’s absorptivity/emissivity the maximum potential warming from the atmospheric CO2-content of 390ppmv is about 0.05C, and that’s being generous: http://chipstero7.Blogspot.Co.Uk/2013/10/the-actual-global-warming-from-co2.Html When you investigate the CAGW-advocates claims, every single one of them, without fail, turns out to be false. CO2 never been higher in 800,000 years? False. Current rate of temperature increase unprecedented? False. The vast majority of the CO2 increase originating from human-activity? False. The C12/C13 isotopes prove humans are the cause? False. 97% of scientists believe humans are causing global warming? False again. And again, and again, and again. The whole CAGW-scare is a pseudoscientific farce from beginning to end.

  • We all cause Global Warming

    We all know that pollution, deforestation and such (all man-made problems) cause global warming, but we fail to stop it. Of course, we all recycle, and use different forms of energy when possible, but scientists are yet to find a way to prevent global warming once and for all.

    In conclusion, everyone knows what causes global warming, whether it be physical or man-made, and many of us do our best to try and reduce it. Of course, there is no chance of doing that completely until we find an alternative form of energy that is cheap, easy to make, and is environmentally friendly.

  • Humans cause global warming

    When we cut down the trees we dont allow them to absorb the CO2 and it goes into the atmosphere.One of the first things scientists learned is that there are several greenhouse gases responsible for warming, and humans emit them in a variety of ways. This is why i think we are responsible.

  • Here's a counter-majoritarian argument

    I'm not expecting this comment to be widely accepted, but that never stopped me from posting truth anyway. The fact is that the polar ice caps on Mars are melting. There are a few important observations:

    1) Mars is further away from the sun. This means that the heat energy has more time to run down than it does before it hits earth.

    2) Mars doesn't have an atmosphere. The significance is that there are no greenhouse gases to trap heat.

    Does this prove that humans don't contribute to global warming? Not necessarily, but it does prove that humans aren't the cause. Essentially our list of causes aren't conclusive.

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