• We should know about our ancestors

    We cant know about our ancestors without any evidence in this point we need the help of history.If a child asks you a question about humans past life,how can you answer it without the help of history?
    Thus, i conclude that H I S T O R Y is important.

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  • We Learn From Our Mistakes

    Parents tell their children numerous times: you learn from your mistakes. We can apply this saying to history as well. Sometimes, people, no matter how powerful and great, do not realize they are making a bad decision until it is too late. Under extreme pressure, logical and rational conclusions can sometimes be hard to come by. By studying history, we are learning from past mistakes, we are learning how NOT to act in situations of extreme pressure. If we do not study history, and learn from the past, we will continue to repeat the same bad choices from those before us. If we forget about our past how can we possibly move forward?

  • We Learn Slowly

    I believe we learn slowly from history. An example for this would be slavery, which still occurs in our world today, but it is far lower now than it ever has been in the past. I think we have learned from our past experiences and evolved to a point that we understand it is not okay to enslave people. Most of us, that is.

  • No, we are repeating it.

    No, we do not learn from history, because our society cannot figure out how to do any better than previous empires. The Greeks, the Romans, the Prussians; they all came, and they all went. In Rome, economic inflation and poor fiscal policy led to the demise of the empire. Even so, America and even Europe are repeating the same bad policies.

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