• He's a beast

    Bart Simpson is a beast and deserves better than he is treated. He is secretly a genius and is in favor of bringing Austria and Hungary back together to create the Austria-Hungarian pact, Which includes many of the Balkan and Iberian countries. The Pact would be created as a single Democratic state of power in a government. The currency would be back to gold standard, But that's an only an idea in progress. If there are any other suggestions, Please state them.

  • Bart is cool

    Everyone who opposes Bart are all jerks. Seriously he is the best character on the planet. He is perfectly balanced between being really mischevous(I think i spelled it right), And being a normal boy. I think we can relate to Bart in every way. I am actually astonished that this argument is currently at 50/50!

  • Time to retire

    How old is bart now? I think hes ready to retire but boy he sure had a good run one of the best even better than brain and Stewie, OR cartman nad the south park brats, Bart is now part of us like superman or branda star, Eat my shorts man! See! ?

  • I like him cause of his attitude to life

    Let's be honest. We all are like him. He's the best character. Bart Simpson does prank calls and gets into lots of trouble which inspires kids. Simply, The most funny of all the Simpsons characters. Because he is like really funny and always lighted up the show and probably the main character and should be most favourite during the show as it goes on

  • He is a goblin.

    He is disgusting. He is a menace. He had sex with my wife. He destroyed the twin towers. He was responsible for the Alamo. He is behind every major coverup in government history. He was responsible for single handedly wiping out the dinosaur species. He is a BASTARD. That is all.

  • He is meanie

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  • He sucks a lot

    Bart has an annoying voice. He has spiky hair which is weird. He has sill catch phrases. He eats clothing? ! ? He is pretty unlikeable and unredeemable as a character. Any episode that revolves around him isn't nearly as good as the ones that revolve around Homer. Homer rules. In closing, Bart does not.

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