• Society is fair.

    Do you agree that we live in a society in which all, If not, Most are treated with the respect and support needed to live a good life just as well as the individual next to them? This includes all aspects of life from healthcare, Education, Job security, Rights etc.

  • It's not just financially.

    Everyday we are unfair to one another and don't even realize it. One word: Stereotypes. We judge each other too fast and it's not fair. For example you might be trying to get a new job. You have everything you need for this job. You have experience, Education, Etc. , But the job is given to someone else. You wanna know why? It's because you're the 'wrong' gender, You don't support the 'right' religion, You're the 'wrong' color. We say we have evolved from separating each other by our characteristics, But we haven't! Everyday we separate each other because of something. We don't treat each other right because of something we can't even control! Nobody can tell me that any of this is fair. The world will never be fair because, You know what, There always going to be that one thought, "Oh no. Can't hang out with that girl, She's hispanic. " I wish the world was all good and everything was just wonderful, But we can't do it. We can't make everyone think the same way, It's just not possible. What we can do, Though, Us try our best to be accepting and kind to everyone, No matter what.

  • We couldn't live in a less fair society

    Kids who study hard, Get good grades and strive to give a good education get pretty far in life, But still not as far as they should. There are plenty of YouTubers and gamers who just waste there lives on video games that require no skill whatsoever didn't work half as hard and make triple the amount of even some lawyers. The way society is set up no wonder kids are less motivated and inclined to succeed academically or to put forth an effort. This is just one way society is unfair. I could honesty go on for hours. . .

  • Of course not

    Of course we don't live in a fair society. Me being born in the United States gives me access to far more tools to construct my life than being in a country like India. India is poverty stricken and overpopulated. Is it fair that a child should have to endure the life of being born in a hopeless situation? Is it fair that i live in a two story house while people starve to death?

  • Get over it.

    So, Life's not fair. So, Others have it easier than you do. Guess what, That's life. You can either sit and complain about how unfair things are or you can actually do something to at least make things better for you and/or others. Some, Like Sam Walton started from basically nothing but worked his way up to be one of the nations most wealthy people. This kind of success does not come easy but takes a lot of work. He didn't just sit around and complain about how unfair society is.

  • Race religion poverty

    We can't change the world and how it looks at people that are even a little bit different. Social experiments have been made to prove this. People will help those who look "clean", "innocent" but won't even take a glance at those they find as "dirty" or "different"

    the world's messed up but the sad reality is that we can't change it.

  • No, We don't!

    Unfortanly, We don't live in a fair society. There are some factors that contribute to worsening or bettering your life. Sometimes no matter how hard you work, You may achieve half as much as someone that worked even half as much as you. Yes, We may have equal rights. We aren't treated equally.

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