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  • We don't need most of the things we buy.

    I love my IPhone, but I know that I don’t need it. In fact, most of the things that we as
    Americans buy, we really don’t need. We
    live in a commercialized culture that is ruled by extreme materialism. The proof of this is that many people from
    poorer countries are actually happier even though they don’t have as many
    material possessions.

  • No, because we tend to buy things that catches our eye over its usefulness.

    No, as a society we focus more on what looks right or what color goes with this color, etc. When we are going to buy food for the house or clothes for the winter, nine times out of ten, we buy a few things that weren't on the list, that aren't useful, easily to forget about, and something that catches our eye. We tend to buy more things that we want over things that we need.

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