• Yes we need a better child care system

    Yes, I think that is time for a better and more improved child care system. Too many children are neglected unfortunately due to bad child care, and the time is now for the government to step in and establish a better system when it comes to taking care of our children.

  • Yes, we need a better child care syestem

    Unfortunately, child care providers don't have to go to school to learn about children. The teachers do, but not the assistants. I think all child care providers should go to school for at least two years for child development. There is a lot more to children then taking them out to play, putting them on the potty, and giving them a nap. We have to take better care of the children.

  • I have the perfect plan.

    How about the parents raise their kids. Do what they are supposed to do. Furthermore, anyone who puts their child in a care system should not have any ability to complain.
    To make child care better:
    Have parents raise their own kids and take care of them themselves.
    Need I say more?

  • No. We need better parents.

    How about a return to the old fashioned way, with parents taking responsibility for the upbringing of their own children instead of passing the responsibility off onto "the system". Too many parents are not adequately prepared for the level of effort and expense involved in raising a child. It is a huge commitment. Not everyone is prepared to invest that much time and money. If you don't have the resources to spare, don't have children.

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