• We most definitely need a more serious Press Corps

    I believe we need a Press Corps more geared toward the issues facing us as individuals and as a country. Frequently, human interest stories, which can be uplifting, but which also have little or no bearing on hard news, take precedence. It is clear that we need a serious Press Corps to report on the news which may affect our economy, foreign and domestic national policy, and other items of hard news.

  • Yes, we need a better press corps

    The current press corps, and the news industry in general is broken in two significant ways. First, they are obviously very left-leaning, so they majority of our citizens who rely on the basic network stations to get their news are often not getting the true information. Secondly, we are fed too much sensationalism. That comes in the form of explosive headlines that border on lies and half-truths to get the readers attention. Unfortunately, when many don't go beyond the headlines, they are being misled by the press.

  • Its time for more heart less sensationalism from our press corp.

    In this time of economical insecurities and waves of horrifying violent acts, it is time we have a press corp that is more informative and less shock value. We know that fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings are bad, but they are not catastrophic. They do not need to be the apocalyptic event. The press corps needs ot report more on how things are getting better and how we are working hard to change the world. Not every one of our neighbors are rapist, killers, and drug dealers. There needs to be a balanced, non partisan, non fear peddling news to get ratings based on scare tactics.

  • We Don't Need A Better Press Corps

    I do not think that we need a better Press Corps. They do their job well and you never hear of any type of controversy with the Press Corps. If it is not broke, do not fix it. The Press Corps is one of the more respected group of journalists and correspondents in this country and they are fine the way they are.

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