• We are the modern era, not the Victorian

    We are living in a modern era, one filled with technology and opportunity, yet all the students are still being groomed to become the corporate machine. There is no longer a need as there use to be for this Victorian export education system where young boys were indoctrinated to think a certain way and to act a certain way in order to export their intelligence around the world to "influence" other cultures. This era that we live in is filled with technology and science, yet, we still have the same victorian classrooms with tests determining if a student is smart or stupid. In this modern era students should be learning practical things and shouldn't be forced to complete a test that determines their intelligence which could make the difference between a college education or McDonalds. Yet, we live in this victorian society. The idea that every student is either smart or dumb is outrageous, sure there are those students who are smarter than others but most of the student population is just average. High School Students are victims to being fed bias. Every country has their dark part in history and politics, however, when looking through a high school US History book last year I was appalled by the political bias and how much important history was briefly talked about. Students are also just being told the answers and not being forced to use the muscle between their ears (brain), then when university comes they are so used to being told the answer they aren't prepared and are forced to spend too much time on something that could have taken a few hours to complete. In all, this system of education we currently are forced to live in needs to change.

  • Okay that was good but here's the rebuttal.

    To be brutally honest I have absolutely no idea why this is being written as I'm just having fun but its seems that this might end up getting on a lot if not some people's nerves so I have decided from this moment on that I will just stop right now.

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