Do we need a different approach to handling pedophilia?

  • Vindication is not appropriate or effective

    Pedophilia =/= Molestation

    The simple attraction to children is not a choice, and treating individuals with the quality as if they have already assaulted a child is ridiculous.

    As for the actual molestation of children this action is not a typical crime and should be approached as a psychological problem with rehabilitation and therapy. The strictness should not be reduced as this is not a light crime.

  • Life in Prison

    I don't believe it's incurable. I believe I person can change. However I also don't believe that it's worth the risk when the consequences can be so dire. In the case of child molesters we are better safe than sorry, so we should have them in prison for life. NO PAROLE. Lock them and throw away the key. We won't even need the sex offender registry anymore because they simply won't be living outside the prison walls after they are caught.

  • Yes, we need a different approach to handling pedophilia.

    I personally think they should all be locked away in a mental hospital, but that is not possible. Going door to door to people in the neighborhood just causes chaos, and having them live a thousand feet from a school or daycare is not feasable. The only place they can live is in the far country. I think an ankle bracelet would be good. I also think a chemically induced casteraztion would be a good sentence.

  • Born with a mental disorder, or traumatized in the past?...

    From everything that I have learned about this subject, there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever to intentionally harm a child. Yes, back a couple of centuries ago and for thousands of years all over most of the world young girls, and mostly boys, were used in one form or another. Very sad and depressing, but... A fact of history. The modern world had only recently began to acknowledge the extent of harm that this "attraction" does to the child. Like many things, to find the right punishment should be taken in all of the facts of "what makes the offender "tick"... What drove him to it.". Because incarcerating a cold-blooded demon that calculates good behavior and eventually goes on parole to disappear and do worse would simply be playing the Devil's game. To be honest, I found that in several countries that practice castration for sex offenders, it has had positive results. If you are not going to use the equipment you were born with for the intention of procreation and pleasuring with the joy of consensual adults and misuse it in a manner that harms others (I am also including rape in general), you do not deserve to be a complete man. Simple. By the way, this also goes for FEMALE offenders. Though most of this sexual predatory nature of ANYONE is more in tune with overpowering another, women offenders also should be dealt in much the same manner, even though it somewhat seems that the female sex offenders seem to be a bit more savage. Lots of issues there, I suppose.

  • Abandon the correctional approach

    Instead of demonizing individuals who confess pedophilic urges, I think we should attempt to understand them. How can we fix a problem if we are unsure about the cause? In our society, if/when someone reveals he/she has sexual feelings toward minors, we condemn them as severely as if they acted on their fantasies, even if they never did.

  • Pedophilia is a crime!

    As a nation we must have laws to protect our children. Our children are our future! I believe that many pedophiles get overlooked and we need tougher laws because of this. Our police need to not do a "surface check" when they go to parole their houses. After a convicted person is caught they have 1 chance after serving a min of 10+ years. If caught again, jail for life. I firmly believe that their are so many cases because there is no real punishments.

  • More strict consequences.

    These mentally defective people need to see that there is a consequence for their actions. There needs to be more strict repercussions for violating the innocent youths of the community. The reason why they keep offending is because they think they won't get caught. When ever anyone commits a crime, it's because they think that they won't get caught. There needs to be a more severe and threatening consequence such as life in jail for this horrific crime so that these criminals. They have taken advantage of and ruined a life of innocent children and need to be punished.

  • Yeah, it's called ol' sparky.

    Our justice system is too nice to pedophiles. If the evidence is indisputable (which in most pedo cases, it is), then they should get the electric chair. These people are sick and vile human beings who simply don't deserve to live. It doesn't matter what morality says about it, pedophilia is something that needs to be forced out of society with a shock of 10,000 volts.

  • Yes I do

    One, I feel like we should stop dressing our little girls as whores, thinking that it's cute when it's actually not. At all. As a society we are basically being sexual teases to these men who have, in my opinion, unusual sexual preferences. Once we stop thinking that it's okay for a 4 year old to wear tank tops and SHORT short, then, and once again I say in MY opinion, the amount of pedophilic tendencies will decrease. Having this said, this should also decrease the need to be 'sexy' starting from such a young age. Yes, every little girl wants to feel pretty, but they shouldn't have to dress up as miniature "women" to feel that way. Honestly, I personally feel that pedophiles are extremely disturbing, but I also feel that we have to understand that what they find to sexually arousing normal, the 'norm" does not, just like with sexual preferences.

  • No we do not need a different approach

    No, I do not think that we need a different approach to pedophilia, and that mandatory jail time for all offenders is the right way to go. I believe that there is no way to cure pedophilia, and that those people need a lot of jail time to think about their crime.

  • Until effective therapy and conditioning are invented, we pretty much have no choice but to lock them away.

    Pretty much everything the headline just said.

    The point of prison is to keep the bad guys away from the good guys.
    It does its job quite well, despite being terribly cost-ineffective.

    They haven't really found a substantial cure, therapy, or conditioning process that gets the job done. So if you have knowledge of any that you can reference and cite, bring it up.

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