• Yes we do.

    I think the voting age should be lowered to the driving age and just be 16. I have met 16 year olds who know a lot more about politics than I do, and it actually excites them more. They should have the right to throw their hat into the ring.

  • Lower the age to 16!

    If 16 year old children can drive, pay taxes, and work, they should be able to vote. Kids and teens are expected to follow the law, yet have no say in it. Scholastic.Com says, '''Why does someone become mature the day they turn 18?'Miranda asked." (Scholastic) Laws affect all people and many places that already have reported higher voter turnout and it will keep increasing because many 16 year olds will be excited to be heard!

  • NO! It is a really bad idea

    According to Jay Giedd- “The brain is under construction, he finds, until young adulthood, about 25 years of age.
    The part of the brain that is most under-developed is the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain most responsible for making good judgments, suppressing impulses, and considering the consequences of actions.”
    what this means is that teens are just not capable of making a very good, thought-out decision. They don't have the brain capacity.
    Added to this, most teens would easily be swayed to vote like their parents.

  • No, the voting age is fine

    No, we do not need a lower voting age. What we actually need is for all people of age to vote, young and old, to pay attention to the important issues and not the just the TV commercials. Young people, especially, however, need to take some ownership regarding their role in affecting change in this country through voting; and not just for president but for all offices both national and local.

  • We do not need a lower voting age.

    The voting age of 18 should not be lowered. This is the age of majority, when we must take a more responsible role in society and voting is one of these responsibilities. Most people under age 18 do not have the maturity necessary to vote. If anything, we should raise the voting age.

  • No We Don't

    I believe we could effectively change the voting age to 16, from where it currently is. I'm not certain we need to do this however because people from 16-18 may simply vote for who their parents support. This would negate the purpose of allowing the to vote. Personally, I don't think it's a necessity.

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