• Men need men empowerment ministry similar to women empowerment ministry.

    I'm a man of 42. By the age of 33, I had never realized the real consequences of being a man. I had and has respected women but women these days are misusing their rights. Any women can impose an accusation on you and you are totally helpless. Besides domestic violence by wives at home, A man faces public discrimination outside home. A woman can easily abuse you, Threaten you an allegation of harassing her, Make a false roar or play an emotional etc. . Most of the times they are a willing participant in sex and later accuse it a rape or sexual harassment. Remember empowerment doesn't mean to ruin others. In the present scenario, Men have denied every right e. G. A man can not file sexual harassment/rape case against woman, There is no punishment for women for false cases and list is long. So, Men need a platform to raise their voices. As we all know present laws are strongly biased toward women. We men have also feelings, We are not mere ATMs.

  • Men do not get to choose. Men have no power.

    Women get to choose whether to get a job or to marry and not go to work. Men have to go to work. Women get to have an abortion if they don't want a child. Men have to pay child support for 20 years. Women have the right to vote. Men have the privilege of voting. Women don't have to worry about getting drafted into a war they don't want to fight. Men die in the same wars and no one cares.

    The argument is often made that men have power. If men have power than why is the Men's Rights Movement not in control? Where is a man's power if he is not allowed to see his kids? Where is a man's power if he is homeless? Where is a man's power when his legs are shot off in a war he never wanted to fight to begin with? Where is a man's power when he can't talk about his feelings? Where is a man's power when a woman can take 90% of his money for 20 years by sleeping with him for one night? Where is a man's power when he can't make the choice not to have children? Where is a man's power when he is forced to work dangerous jobs 60 hours a week just to support his family? Where is a man's power when he is a victim of rape or domestic violence and he is denied help?

  • Women are deleting men

    Women are taking over the earth and double standards are becoming insane because women are petty bitches and they're blaming all of our problems on men. You know sometimes it makes me hate feminists because they have stinky heads and they're racist against men like what's up with that?? Like if a woman raped a man feminists would probably say that the man actually raped the woman and then the man would get put in jail because feminists the reason america is falling.

  • More Than Just Rights

    We do need a movement to make sure men's rights don't get demoted while the women's rights rise higher (even though I don't see why they suddenly think they don't have equal rights), but we also need to fight against misandry, or prejudice towards men, as a whole. The main reason why we need this is self explanatory. In fact, it would be hypocritical for a women to agree for the notion that we don't need a men's rights movement because they have complaints that they need equal rights (even though they do), but then they'll turn around and say they we don't need rights. So if anyone disagrees that we don't need this movement for that reason, then they are a morally wrong person for thinking that us men don't need equal rights, or to simply just attempt to protect our rights as men.

  • Men’s Rights are the Only Way to Go

    Men’s Rights are always made fun of. No one takes them seriously. Someone gets raped that happens to be a man? No problem, we ignore it. Woman gets brushed? AHHHH ITS RAPE! This is VERY common. We do NOT need feminism. We need monism. Take a stand, and fight the misandry.

  • Men are human beings too

    Most suicides are men. Men are often denied access to their children after divorce and are forced to pay way too much for child support, as if their ex can't contribute, as well as alimony, sometimes for life even though she is an adult and should get a job and support herself and she is more likely to be the one to file for divorce, men make up the majority of work place deaths, war deaths, and victims of violent crimes, while studies by the CDC show that women are more likely to abuse children, in all categories, we still have the media and society painting men as the most likely if not sole abuser of children, women who rape young boys don't go to jail and even collect child support from their victims if they get pregnant, boys are failing in our schools, men serve two thirds more time in jail for the same crime, men are the neglected victims of domestic violence and when a man calls the police for DV he can be and most often is arrested even when he's the one who's injured, men are neglected and sometimes ridiculed victims of rape by women

  • There is a stunning lack of recognition and advocacy for men's issues (AND YES WE HAVE THEM)

    Men are 76% of homicides, 95-99% of combat deaths, 93% of workplace deaths, 75% of the homeless, only 15-20% of child custody victors, 80% of suicides, get 180% more prison time as a woman for the same crime, get only 7% of funding for male specific cancers as female specific cancers. Yet the vast majority, and I seriously do mean the vast majority of pretty much any society on earth doesn't care even slightly about these statistics. Some of them will even make excuses for them. And then what happens to the very few powerless people who point this out? Hordes of histrionic social media queens call them every name in the book and try to get them censored.

    Does the same happen for women's rights activists, or even feminists? No, not even close. There's a clear imbalance here that needs to be addressed, so I have no shame in calling myself an MRA.

  • The right to a fair trial would be a start

    Men has difficulty getting a fair and just trial in any western country. Yet we don’t get a chance to put our version of events over without local authorities and police showing a no remorse towards males even abused males without making them feel insignificant or pathetic. It’s also a huge problem when in the media the mostly show the feminist side of #metoo, feminism stories and misandry online. For a equal and fair society we need equal and fair laws. Segregation groups have had their days.

  • Divorced But Still Connected for Life!

    Permanent alimony should be outlawed. We divorce someone but might as well be married when retired to pay permanent alimony. Many lie about their income and also conceal their true salary. Forget going back for modification, when I did the judge awarded a cost of living raise instead of lowering her alimony. I personally have been divorced over 20 years and am disabled so I cannot work yet she receives 50% of my retirement. Not fair.

  • Equality means equality

    We live in a deeply unequal society of double standards and misandric hate which is directed systemically towards men. An inequitable justice system is immediately obvious, but is only one, more visible, dimension of a much wider issue in which society has in the last few decades demonised men in all spheres.

  • I have a headache.

    Men earn more pay. Men take up more space. Men do less housework. Men tend to dominate or interject discussions when a woman is talking if they disagree. Men are represented on TV and film to a much greater degree than women - sport, newsreaders (the anchorman and doesn't matter how old he is), leading roles, serious roles, non-stereotypical roles, intelligent roles. Men aren't raped or threatened with sexual violence nearly to same extend women are. A lot of men still do not think women are intelligent, funny, worthy and this is reflected in everyday occurrences in everyday life all too often. These are just the tip of the iceberg. I really find this debate amusing. Men whining! How about men try to empathize and listen to women before bleating on about their own 'lack of rights'? It is like white people complaining about white rights in the face of a black movement. This kind of stuff just gives me a headache.

  • Men already rule the rights of both genders.

    Why do they need a movement to continue their superiority and control of most everything? Equal pay for women for equal jobs was just shot down by an all male majority. What does that tell you? How many women are brought up on charges of violence, abuse and rape of men? I don't hear of overcrowded prison conditions in these areas for women. Somehow the thought of a 130 lb woman overpowering a 200 lb man and raping him seems a bit absurd, especially if she snags him in a dark alley.

    How many men get away without paying child support? If they can? How many men dump their existing wives for younger wives then leave those old wives practically destitute? We're not talking celebrity divorces who have more money than god and live in a fantasy world. I mean the real world of struggle most of us live in.

    I'll admit there are a few wussy males who probably need assertiveness training or therapy as they never seem to get ahead, get a date, or whatever. It takes all kinds to make a world. Now all women are feminists or pushing for what is thought of as 'superiority over men." Who drummed that one up? Women just want the same opportunities and rights that men have, men already have all the rights they need.

  • They are in control and rule the rights of both genders already.

    Women's rights to equal pay for equal work was just voted down by a majority of men, doesn't that tell you something right there? Who's in control and calls the shots at the moment? Who's trying to get rid of abortion and a woman's right to own her own body? Not women for god's sake. Men, and conservative men at that. What rights don't men have that they need a movement for? They already don't pay child support if they can get away with it. They'll dump an existing wife for a younger wife and take away everything from the existing wife so she has very little left. Those fantasy divorce cases among celebrities are not the run of the mill in real life. Men make more money, have less responsibilities if they are married or have a family. How many women are charged with beating up men or raping them? More likely women are wont to kill them for being beating up and raped so often by a husband or boyfriend she just flips.

    Are we talking of the minority of wussy men who can't stand up for themselves and don't know how to get ahead? They need their own assertive training or therapy, not a movement.

    We don't need a men's rights movement, that would be a sick joke.

  • Men need a civil rights movement like ...

    Christians need protection from religious persecution. Like white people need protection from racial discrimination. Like straight people need a sexual-orientation awareness campaign. Like rich people need to be protected from economic exploitation.

    To call oneself a "Men's Rights Activist" is the most screaming announcement of insecurity and masculine shortcomings short of two pitbulls in a 4x4 pickup truck with a "No-fear" sticker on the back window.

  • No - no need for a men's rights movement

    With research, you'll realize that the men's movement, not men's liberation, is actually ant-feminist. The believe in the importance of the male role and place in the institution concerning power. That is opposite of the women's rights movement which is about equality. The male movement tries to paint a picture of men that is oppressed and in need of remaining in its place. I disagree with this stance. I believe that men like women must find an equal playing field in society and that both must learn to play on that equal playing field together and by a new set of rules that is unbiased. So, no we don't need a men's rights movement.

  • Feminism is about overcoming oppression

    Men aren't oppressed. They are the oppressors.
    Women are at constant risk of being sexually harassed or assaulted. Women are killed by ex husbands, Boyfriends, Tinder dates, Strangers on the street, In honor killings. . . In record numbers.
    I'm not saying these things don't happen to some men, But they are very real risks for all women.

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