• Yes, it's our heritage,

    With a question like this, you're going to get a load of anti-monarchy Americans disrespecting one of our richest traditions.

    I believe all British people should be proud of the Queen that they have, because it's a reminder of how great our country used to be, and still is today. The monarchy that led the British into an age of greatness, an age where we ruled a 3rd of the world's surface. For a tiny island, damn that's impressive. Be proud of our culture, it's one of the richest in the world and only the ignorant and ill-informed will dispute that.
    The tiny island, tormented by the Vikings, conquered by the Romans, and us trying to kill each other (The English vs the Scots), it all led to us being one of the most influential countries of all time.
    We are the reason that both Canada, Australia and the USA exist as they are today, we (mainly) colonised them, not to mention the countless other countries we attempted to civilise and support.

    It's very important to keep traditions alive, and to be respectful of them because at the end of the day, cultural differences are what make our countries different.
    I'm 17 in just over a month, I'm British, and I study at college. It doesn't take a genius to point out the reasons that we should be proud of our deep and rich culture, it just takes a bit of patriotism.
    I could go on all day about the greatness of my nation, and so could you if you paid a little attention in it.
    So the simple answer is yes, our monarchy, our history, is very important.

  • Please read this

    Hello, this is not part of the debate but I am doing my GCSEs at the moment on this topic and I need to communicate with people in power or influence. Please could you write was you do for a living after you've wrote your opinion on this please. Thank you very much.

  • 1) Having a Monarch unites the people

    A figurehead represents the people: politicians represent only their party, not the entire nation. As such, a Monarch can steer them through the hardest of times – take George VI and Queen Elizabeth during WWII. Their presence enabled Londoners to deal with the Blitz, and with Buckingham Palace taking hits, they understood Events like jubilees and coronations give us not only days off (yay!) but also bring us together in national pride, and leads to that oh-so-British event of the street party, seen for the coronation and the Diamond Jubilee.

    It isn’t very often that crowds gather when a politician is in town – but when a Royal visit is announced, the Union Flags come out and flowers are purchased to hand over as a sign of respect.Ow the locals felt.

  • Really now people...

    If you needed a reminder that you used to be great, in like the 1500's, just look how America decided to just go all Independent and such. What did the monarchy do? Nothing. The monarchy of Britain wasn't exactly the prime example of why monarchies should be kept around. Henry VIII killed you know, like nearly every wife of his, just because he didn't have a son.

  • Should we keep the Monarchy? Yes I think so. But the question is, do we need one? And do we? No we do not.

    As I pointed out, I do think we should keep the Monarchy, mainly for the reasons that Mike01506 has already given. However, do we need one? No, not really. Although the Queen is 'Head of State', in reality she is only a symbolic head of state. All of her power is now exercise by Parliament and Government. Her role is now almost purely ceremonial with her theoretical remaining power (Royal Prerogative/Orders in Council [Privy Council]) now also exercised by Government.

    Some of you may argue that technically she is the most powerful person in the world. She is not. Although I have little knowledge of what power she legally does still have under the Royal Prerogative, most of the power does reside with Parliament. Parliament is THE Supreme Law making body in the United Kingdom with Parliamentary Sovereignty being the most important aspect of the Constitution. Parliament theoretically, and technically does have the power to do do anything.

    The likes of the English Civil War, and the Glorious Revolution in 1688 resulted in the Bill of Rights 1688. This Act of Parliament established that Parliament had supremacy over the Monarch. Many of you will have heard of Royal Assent, but did you know the Monarch CANNOT pass any law without the consent of Parliament? Supreme Law making power (most of a countries power) resides with Parliament. The Monarch cannot raise an army, nor can she raises/lower taxes. All of this power resides with Parliament.

    She can technically, legally refuse to give Royal Assent, but the Constitution demands that she gives assent to all laws. So to conclude, although I completely agree, the Monarch should stay, but do we NEED the Monarchy? No we do not.

  • We do not need monarchy

    Our monarchs power is purely theatrical and we only keep it because we want someone to blame and because poeple love them. People are persuaded to want to keep the monarchy alive. The monarch does bring in many tourists and tourist money to britian, Yes people from around the world come to see buckingham palace but its that and not much else

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