• To recall a government that is no longer responsive to it's citizens

    The current state of our government is not responsive to the needs of the vast majority of the citizens..It is now that the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many..Too many politicians focus of consolidating power to themselves through gifts to the people instead of making difficult but correct decisions.

  • Yes, from federal overreaching.

    Yes, we need a new Declaration of Independence, because the current United States government has become far more than what it was that the founding fathers thought was so unacceptable about England. Taxation is much higher today than it was in England or from the King. Americans need to remember who they are and what they stand for.

  • Declaration of Independence is not a constitution

    Stating that you feel a new Declaration of Independence would mean that you would want to become independent from the current government. Unless you are of the successionist philosophy, a new Declaration of Independence is not needed. We could argue that parts of the constitution could be rewritten/updated, but that is not the Declaration of Independence.

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dylancatlow says2013-06-25T23:53:05.607
From whom?
Delucha says2013-06-26T01:54:45.577
From what?
Quan says2013-12-29T21:53:10.933
The existing Constitution is fine. We just need to start actually enforcing it and reign in the federal government. They've been loosely interpreting the Constitution to grant themselves unlimited power, when the documents sole purpose was to limit their power.

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