• Yes, we absolutely do.

    Let's get the right people in there to do the investigating this time--not a biased group of 'researchers' that live off the government's dime. We, the American people, deserve a real, factual analysis of the events of 9/11, provided by an unbiased source with no hidden motives or objectives. It has now become clear that members of the U.S. Government stood to gain a lot from 9/11, and therefore their federal investigation should be thrown out the window.

  • The Real Truth

    We need to know why?
    I can accept that sometimes people need to die to benefit others (eg, Hitler), I can't accept being constantly lied to, I want the truth no matter how much it may hurt.
    These events have changed the world forever, I think we deserve to know WHY?

  • Because blaming Muslims for something they did not do is wrong

    We can see by so many expert opinion about the government's official account of 9-11 that the government is lying. And slandering and framing an innocent people for this crime. To make people hate another people for crimes they never committed is appalling. Until an independent investigation is allowed to take place this crime remains UNSOLVED and people have no right to blame Muslims for crimes they have no real evidence that Muslims committed! HOW WOULD ANY OF YOU FEEL IF YOU WERE BLAMED FOR YEARS AND YEARS FOR CRIMES YOU DID NOT COMMIT?

  • No control, just truth.

    Through an independent investigation there be no government interference, just what happened. Maybe Osama Bin Laden did plan it, or was it a false flag operation? What happened to Tower 7? I highly doubt fire caused the building to fall. The black boxes? I doubt they were lost in a plane crash, some were found in the middle of the ocean for other plane crashes. An independent investigation from a good source show what really happened, or maybe (what I highly doubt but is a possibility) back up what the commission report said.

  • No more Lies

    The government needs to grow up and realize that they aren't convincing us with their fantasy view of reality that they've been spoon feeding us. There are far too many suspects that were members of our government that haven't been brought to justice: Rumsfeld and Cheney are clear prime suspects. The day before 9-11, Rumsfeld had reported that there were billions of military dollars that are now unaccounted for, and the next day the offices in the Pentagon holding the books on these moneys were destroyed.... That's awfully convenient.

  • Proven time and time again.

    Every single conspiracy theory has been proven to be wrong time and time again. "Truthers" pick and choose the tiny details and proof that it was a conspiracy and we're forced to watch documentaries like Loose Change which, by the way conveniently has had 3 revisions because original claims were proved to be false. The list goes on and on. Theory: Fire can't melt steel. Explanation: It didn't need to melt the steel, only weaken it. It's been proven steel loses half of its strength at high temperatures. Theory: Building 7 was controlled demolition. Explanation: The building had a 20 story gash in it that rocked it's southwest corner, a major support structure for the building. Fire fighters could not get proper water pressure to the building. Theory: A plane didn't hit the pentagon. Explanation: 136 EYEWITNESSES saw it happen. That's all you really need. You can point to plane maneuvers and video evidence, but 136 eyewitness watched with their own eye. The list goes on and on. It will never make these clowns happy, but it's humorous to watch them cling onto baseless "facts" as if it were a life raft and they are on a sinking ship.

  • The conspiracy theories aren't helping anything.

    There has been no objective, verifiable evidence from any credible source that supports the so-called "truther" movement or their claims. There is similarly no need to waste millions of dollars on an "investigation" when many have already been conducted. The taxpayers do not need such waste, and the families of the victims don't need to be reminded of their tragedy all over again.

    It's been 12 years, people. Move on, accept facts, get over it.

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