• Yes - Manhatingism, that works.

    Feminists hate men, they take every opportunity to hate on men and look for everything any man has done EVER, to formulate the idea that it is representative of what all men must do all the time.

    Quick experiment:

    Go to any feminist website on the planet. ANY one.

    Now watch as the first few pages you encounter have a crime where the male was the perpetrator and the female was the victim.

    Now check the date and google female attacks man, female molest boy and you'll find a women did something on that day equal to whatever it is they are claiming men only and always do.

    They repeatedly show men as the evil aggressor and DELIBERATELY omit daily reports of females doing the same thing.

    On purpose. Because they hate men.

    Don't listen to what someone says, watch what they do.

  • I think that the world feminism should be replaced with a more neutral word.

    I am a 100% feminist, but I think that the term "feminism" should be replaced with a term that isn't specific to either men or women, but to both genders. The term "feminism" gives some people the wrong idea about what feminism really is; many people have the wrong perception of feminism, believing that it is the belief that women are more superior than men. I feel that a more gender-neutral term would promote more equality between men and women instead of the notion that one gender is better than the other.

  • Lets try cancer

    They think that its still needed when they have more rights than men. Claim theres a patriarchy making things better for men but they forget to mention that they get custody more often. They get believed when they make rape claims but men are just joking or dont realize it. And cant seem to let a feminist myth go away. We dont need it any more and havent for years so this should go away but you see like xancer it will always come back.

  • A man coined the word feminism.

    "The term “feminism” originated from the French word “feminisme,” coined by the utopian socialist Charles Fourier, and was first used in English in the 1890s, in association with the movement for equal political and legal rights for women."

    Men aim your hatred towards Charles and help find a better and more inclusive word/words/term.

  • Masculinism! A love letter to feminism.

    Dear Feminism,
    Thank you for the plethora of scantily clad, inappropriately sexualized teenage girls for me to ogle. Thank you for severely limiting the possibility of having a child on a one night stand. Thank you for female body image issues that make it easier to prey on women with low self-esteem via the simplest of compliments. Thank you for the increase in female promiscuity. My father said almost no one had sex before they were 18 back in the day! Poor guy. Thank you for the increase in female worker productivity in the service sectors; my massages have become really cheap from all the competition in the market. Thank you for low paying manufacturing jobs. With twice the labor force CEOs can now pay 60% of what they used to for a manufacturing worker. Competition for jobs is vital to healthy capitalism. Thank you for title 9 legislation. No one liked men's wrestling. I'd rather watch the WNBA anyway. Thank you for tighter women's clothing. I hate using my imagination. Now I don't have to. I know the exact dimension of every part of a woman from her 14th birthday and beyond. Thank you for making it so easy for men to work 22% more hours after divorce. Overtime is awesome! Thank you for getting rid of family meals. I hated them as a kid. Now with both parents working we don't have to bother! After all, both adults are now tired after a long day at the office. Thank you for Beyonce! Without feminism we wouldn't have it's spokesmodel....It's super hot, overly sexualized spokesmodel. All the single ladies indeed! Yum. Thank you for beards! I hated shaving. Now because all my masculine behaviors are shunned by society, that same society and employer takes pitty on me and doesn't ask me to shave as a consolation prize. Thank you for making my dream of becoming Peter Pan a reality! If you could invent me a Tinkerbell I'd be eternally grateful Feminism.

  • Too much negativity

    There is soo much hate around the term 'feminism' that we SHOULD change it. People associate feminism with man-hating, BUT the ACTUAL DEFINITION OF FEMINISM IS "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. " EQUAL TO MEN. The actual definition and reason is for gender equality, which people don't understand! That is why we should change it.

  • No, we don't need a new word for Feminism!

    I don’t think that the word, feminism, is the problem. The problem is its perception. Of course, coming up with a new word might be easier when changing people’s views is the issue. However, I say let’s not throw away what we have just to move on to the new; let’s re-promote and re-educate the public on what it truly is.

    Feminism is the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of women. It simply means, give the women the same things that men have an opportunity to have, at the same advantage. Saying you are a feminist does not make one a lesbian, does not make one a radical, and does not mean you hate men. It simply means you believe women should be treated as fairly as men, held to the same standards, and given the same opportunities and advantages.

  • What is wrong with the word feminism?

    It seems that some males have a problem with the word, but is it because they don't like it being specific to women, or because they are afraid to use the word because it sounds too feminine? Feminism simply means equality of the sexes, and we need more people to know this, but changing the word is not going to help.

  • Feminism Is Still Feminism

    Feminism hasn't always been a word, but it doesn't need to be replaced yet. The feminist movement is alive and well. Sure, certain varitions in thought exist between different feminists, but an entirely new term is wholly unnecessary. The term still encompasses a wide variety of thoughts and beliefs today.

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