• Yes We Need an “UN-Arms Treaty”

    Not to make fun of a very serious topic, but I feel we need to dissolve the United Nations, and try to come to a meeting of the worldly minds to organize an organization that can actually do something on a global basis. But that topic removed from discussion, there is most certainly woven within that international fabric, a serious need to come to common ground concerning weaponry owned, and available for misguided use, by each country. So, “Un-Arms Treaty”, although I clearly understand the framework of such an agreement would come within the governing body of the United Nations, is by all means a clearly necessary, and humanly intelligent avenue to aggressively pursue. If only for no other reason than to try and prod mankind as a species further along towards an ultimate utopia, where weapons of war are no longer necessary at all.

  • Yes we do.

    I think that it is a very good idea for the United Nations to come up with some kind of a treaty that will bind all nations as to what they can and cannot have for weapons in their country. It will make all of us that much more safe.

  • Not the solution

    While weapon distribution and possession is way over what any nation or individual needs at the point, the United Nations is not a governing body I have enough faith in to want it to be responsible for something of this scale. Their continued inability to help bring an end to crises around the world has not earned them this right.

  • No, we do not need a UN Arms Trade Treaty.

    No, I do not believe that we need a UN Arms Trade Treaty. I believe that a UN Arms Trade Treaty would undermine the second amendment of the Constitution, and take away rights inherent to all Americans guaranteed by the second amendment. We need to protect our second amendment rights and not cave to the UN.

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