• Yes, women still aren't treated equally.

    Women have come a long way since the "Feminine Mystique" book came out and they are much stronger as well. Society, however, and dated thinking still has them treated as second-class citizens. Another type of book or speech aimed at feminism may not cause a revolution but rather a strong reminder that women aren't only equal to men but also go through so much more trouble just for egalitarianism.

  • No, we don't need another.

    At the time that the Feminine Mystique was written women were much less aware of their situations in terms of thinking of it in a political way. The book was framed in a way to bring some awareness to women that they were dissatisfied with their lives because they were being held back by society in subtle ways. Today's women pretty much know that, as they have been more active in the world outside the home; it is easy for them to see the ways that they are discriminated against.

  • No we don't need another 'Feminine Mystique', because the problems that existed when the book was first released are not the same today.

    I don't feel that the problems that existed when the book was first released in 1963 are the same as today. I have talked to a lot of my female friends about feminism and most feel that, while it was necessary back in the 70s and 80s, it now has an opposite effect. Instead of being equal, they feel that they get special treatment. I think a book based on the equal rights of all people would be a lot more beneficial, but don't just limit it to women.

  • No, we don't need another one.

    We don't need another feminine mystique because the first one wasn't needed either. All it did was make women believe that their role that God has given them is not good enough. It makes women feel like what they are doing is not important. It's about nothing but pride. Women are equal to men but men and women have different roles. The Bible clearly shows that because of the curse, the woman will want to rule over the man, but the man is supposed to head over the woman. This feminist movement is exactly that, women trying to rule over men, if not be just like men.

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