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  • no, we do not.

    I never understood all the Spice Girls hype. Maybe if they had come out in the 1950s or 1960s it would have been a huge deal, but this was the 90s we were talking about. An era of sex and rock and roll much like the mid-to-late 60s were. They were just a girl band.

  • We don't need another Spice Girls.

    The Spice Girls had catchy music, but they were terrible role models for young girls, tacitly encouraging them to define themselves in ways that emphasize their attractiveness and appeal to men. The idea of another all-girl group that puts out hugely popular music is fine, but please, next time let's have better music and better role models.

  • We don't need another group like the Spice Girls

    It is my opinion that there should not be another group like the Spice Girls. There have been many girl groups with a mix of different races in them, but I feel that if any of these groups tried to emulate what the Spice girls accomplished then it would be an insult to the career of the Spice Girls.

  • There is no such need.

    No one "needs" another girl group. Just like no one "needs" another boy band. Despite even the best efforts of a huge public relations and promotions machine, the truth of the matter is that these things just sort of happen. If the listening audience decides it wants another girl group, it'll turn up.

  • No,we do not

    I don't find them to be all that amusing,but I am not a teenage girl. I think they have their time and place for the children,but I can't stand them. I am not speaking for all of the world,but to me they just seem like Disney kids and I am not that demograph.

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