• To protect people from themselves.

    Sodomy is often accompanied by various health problems such as higher chance of STDs. The government applies a similar policy with drug use. They ban drugs because it is harmful to ones health. Also requiring people to were seat belt and helmets are to protect people from themselves. Plus children these days don't need to be taught that it is okay.

  • Sodomy is immoral.

    It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible. -George Washington

    We need to build this country up on the biblical principles it was founded on, instead of breaking it down with lawlessness. America needs to repent from their selfish ways and turn to YHWH God.

  • Because it degrades society

    It is often accompanied by various health problems such as higher chance of STDs. Similar policies are there for drugs, safety seat belts, bike helmets, etc. They ban drugs because it is harmful to ones health. Religions like Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. Have banned sodomy. How can so many different religions ban it together?? This shows it has been & continues to be wrong..

  • That is unconstitutional.

    I can't believe we are still having this debate today. That is an unconstitutional invasion on the private lives of individual citizens. The state has no power to regulate private consensual adult sexual conduct. Such an intrusion is prohibited by the 14th amendment to the Unites States Constitution. This was made clear in 2003 in Lawrence v. Texas, when the US Supreme Court struck down state anti-sodomy laws. The mere fact that the majority believes such conduct to be 'immoral' and 'perverted' is not sufficient enough to criminalized it. Moral disapprobation alone is not a legitimate state interest. "The State cannot demean their existence or control their destiny by making their private sexual conduct a crime".

  • We do not need anti-sodomy laws.

    There is nothing wrong with sodomy and there should not be laws against it. A lot of people forget that sodomy can be practiced between a man and a woman. Sodomy is a very intimate sexual act, and it can be very good for a relationship. Most heterosexual couples experiment with sodomy.

  • No, we don't.

    No, I don't believe we need anti-sodomy laws. If this act occurs between two consenting adults, then I can see no reason why the law would need to be involved. It should be no different than just regular sexual intercourse. Why should they be arrested for sodomy? This is something I do not understand.

  • They Are Consenting Adults

    What two consenting adults want to do with each other's bodies is their own business. It's their body, not the government's. In time we will fully realize this principle and see the ridiculousness of drug laws, which likewise infringe on people's right to their own bodies. Nothing is more personal than a person's body and so the government should not be allowed to police there unless it is to protect your body from being nonconsentually invaded by another person.

  • Absolutely not- that's fascist.

    Attempting to regulate the sexual behavior of consenting adults is ridiculous, and counter productive. It achieves no real end except wasting resources prosecuting people who cause no harm.
    And let's be frank- statistics show that ant-sodomy laws would apply to more straight people than gay people.
    Not to mention of course the slippery slope. If they make sodomy illegal, what's to say they won't go after oral sex next? Sex with the lights on? Sex with more than one partner in a lifetime?

  • No we do not need laws against sodomy because they are an invasion of privacy.

    The government does not have any compelling interest in the sexual acts that occur between consenting adults in the privacy of their homes. The US Supreme Court ruled more than a decade ago that anti-sodomy are "an unconstitutional invasion of privacy." Numerous state and federal courts have upheld that ruling. The that sodomy laws are still on the books in some states is an affront the idea of due process of law.

  • No, why should we?

    The act of sodomy is a private sexual act between two consenting individuals that harms no one. I don't see any reason why it should be the government's business to declare what people can and can't do in the bedroom. On top of that, anti-sodomy laws are a disingenuous attempt at trying to curb homosexuality, and the government has no right to bar people from engaging in sexual activity that it deems wrong for "moral" reasons.

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