• Guns are good

    Its all in the people who use it, Some people are insane and don't know how to handle all of that power. But the sane people should be aloud. "How would you know if someone is insane? " easy, Just make sure you get all of info you can about the person before selling it.

  • But can have

    Assault weapons are completely unnecessary to hunt, but they should be allowed if people want them. There is a law in the US allowing people to own guns, and thatlaw does not specify the time. Ultimately, most violence is due to handguns, not rifles, and responsible people can definitely hunt with them.

  • Assault weapons are not needed in order to hunt.

    Assault weapons are not needed in order to hunt. There is nothing good that can come from arming hunters with assault weapons. If you need an assault weapon to hunt then there is something wrong with what you are going after. The last time I checked, I did not need a machine gun to go deer hunting.

  • We absolutely don't

    If you need a huge clip to bring down an animal, you probably shouldn't be hunting it. There is absolutely no reason that anybody needs to be in possession of an assault weapon, clearly those clutching them tightly will never see that no matter how many tragedies we have but it remains true.

  • Only Takes One Bullet to Kill

    It only takes one bullet to kill an animal or a human. If we use assault weapons to hunt, much of the meat on the animal will be inedible due to so many bullets in the carcass. Hunting should be done humanely and with skill, not with hundreds of bullets. What if one of these stray bullets hits an innocent human standing by? There are already hunting accidents every year--we don't need any more with assault weapons.

  • No, assault weapons are not for hunting.

    No, we do not need assault weapons in order to hunt, because assault weapons are not for hunting. That does not mean that assault weapons should be banned, because they are still important to our second Amendment rights. But specifically for hunting, assault weapons are not necessary. There are many other things to hunt with.

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