Do we need better hiring practices for the mentally and physically disabled?

  • Yes, we do.

    We need better hiring practices for the mentally and physically disabled. These people are often discriminated against, and treated like they are useless or incapable of doing a good job. Just because they are handicap does not mean they do not deserve a chance to prove themselves. Everyone is excellent at something.

  • Yes, we need more hiring practices for challanged people.

    I completely agree with the previous debater. People look at others whom have disabilities whether mental or physical, as though they are stupid or worthless. I became disabled through a stroke. I can't get a job because my short term memory is gone and they don't want to work with me. I can't get benefits because I am under fifty. I have a college education, but it is useless because I cant absorb anything.

  • I believe so!

    Before I was seriously injured on the job, I never would have believed that people who have physical and mental handicap are discriminated against in the work place. I used to believe that they have more rights than I had. Employers need to take in consideration of that person's circumstances instead of judging someone due to his disability!

  • Yes, we do.

    Despite laws against it not every job is going to let a person who is disabled physically or mentally onto their workforce. They feel as though they can not do as well as others so are worried about letting them on the team. We need to make jobs available for the disabled though.

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