Do we need better role models for the coming generation?

  • Yes heloo me frend

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    but really if you cajnt open a door for your self you cant survive and people who cant survive are not good role motles also a buch of tatoos and drugs and i,mplants. Soory about the spelling i am typing with thumb

  • Next Generation Needs Better Role Models

    The next generation doesn't feature many great role models at the moment. Without a doubt, this future generation is going to need better role models. Otherwise, it will grow up with the wrong goals and images in mind, which can be damaging in various ways. Role models are exceptionally important after all.

  • We need better role models for the coming generation.

    We need better role models for the coming generation. I feel like most of the role models that we have today are not as supportive as they should be. Seems more and more role models are getting into trouble and teaching kids to do the same. So it would be nice in the future to see some better role models emerge for the coming generation.

  • We always need better role models

    I don't think role models are a generational thing, we always need better role models. I think that this generation in particular is no different than the last three or four in terms of what we should be wanting to see out of our role model system. So, yes, our next generation needs better role models.

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