• Broadcast Television Reaches All Classes

    We definitely still need broadcast television, for two reasons. First of all, not everybody has a computer with internet service at home. For a democracy to survive, everybody should be aware of political issues. That awareness facilitates informed voting decisions. Secondly, the format of broadcast television, with the use of a TV guide on screen, and a remote control in hand, increases the chances that the viewer will explore other news sources.

  • Yes, I think we need broadcast televison.

    I think broadcast television is something that is needed, I think many people still receive their news from their local television news stations and there are many programs on the television to keep their children entertained during the day, I think that the dependency on the television is waning with the rise of the Internet but it's still needed.

  • We do need broadcast television.

    We do need broadcast television. We need to be able to view our local news channels to be able to know what is going on with where we live. It is wrong to take that away from us as many of the people cannot afford the cost of cable or satellite.

  • No, not anymore.

    With the advent and rapid spread of the internet, we really do not need broadcast television any longer. It will hang around because people love it so much, but in so many ways it has become antiquated and pointless when all you have to do is log on to your computer or phone.

  • No, we do not need broadcast television.

    We do not need broadcast television. The Internet is a large, powerful resource which can completely replace broadcast television. As things exist today, most television programs can be found online and viewed on a computer or television. Media computers enable a television to be connected to the computer and stream any content off of the Internet, or the computer hard drive disk. On the other hand, not all programs are available legally online. Currently producers of various programs limit their showing to broadcast television. If program producers changed their ways and all programs were available online legally, then broadcast television could be a relic of the past.

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